LuLaRoe integrates directly with ShippingEasy. LuLaRoe is a popular fashion line driven by a network of fashion retailers. BLESS is the order management system for LuLaRoe retailers. ShippingEasy helps you manage your LuLaRoe/BLESS orders, create shipping labels, and market to your customers.

Connect BLESS Now!

We will guide you each step of the way with our self-paced, in-app walkthrough.

Connect a LuLaRoe BLESS Account to ShippingEasy

How to connect your LuLaRoe BLESS account to an existing ShippingEasy account

  1. Select LuLaRoe BLESS from the Platform drop-down menu.

  2. On the next screen, fill in the settings you want ShippingEasy to use for this store (name, address, etc.). Click Save at the bottom of the page after completing this information.

  3. Enter your LuLaRoe BLESS account credentials into ShippingEasy to complete the integration setup.

Provide Your LuLaRoe BLESS Credentials to ShippingEasy

To complete the connection between LuLaRoe BLESS and ShippingEasy, you will need to enter your API credentials for both LuLaRoe BLESS and ShippingEasy in each application.

To do this, have your LuLaRoe BLESS account open in another browser window.

  1. Go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS > API Credentials.

    Account settings then API credentials
  2. Locate and copy your ShippingEasy API Key and API Secret.

    On API credentials page, Copy API Key icon marked
    on API credentials page copy secret icon highlighted
  3. Paste them into your LuLaRoe account by going to Account > Settings and select ShippingEasy API from the Settings menu.

    LuLaRoe account menu open with Settings highlighted
    LuLaRoe Settings menu with ShippingEasy API highlighted
  4. Click the Edit Settings button.

    LuLaRoe ShippingEasy API Settings page with Edit Settings button highlighted
  5. Enter your ShippingEasy API Key into the API Key and API Secret field of your ShippingEasy API Settings in LuLaRoe BLESS.

    LuLaRoe ShippingEasy API Settings page with API Key field highlighted
    LuLaRoe ShippingEasy API Settings page with API Secret field highlighted
  6. To get the API Store Key, navigate to the STORES & ORDERS page from SETTINGS in ShippingEasy.

    Integration settings with Stores & Orders option highlighted
  7. Locate the Store API Key for your LuLaRoe BLESS store. Click the Copy icon next to your Store API Key.

    LuLaRoe Store section in ShippingEasy with Store API Key copy button highlighted
  8. Paste it into the API Store Key field in LuLaRoe Bless:

    LuLaRoe ShippingEasy API Settings page with API Store Key field highlighted
  9. Click the Save button in LuLaRoe BLESS.

    LuLaRoe ShippingEasy API Settings page Save button highlighted

Your LuLaRoe store is now connected to ShippingEasy! Your BLESS account will automatically send orders in the Completed status to ShippingEasy.

Syncing LuLaRoe BLESS Orders

When your BLESS account is integrated with ShippingEasy, LuLaRoe orders that are Complete are automatically put into ShippingEasy in the Awaiting Shipment status. By default, ShippingEasy checks your BLESS account every hour for new orders.

Orders must be in the Complete status and have the Ship This Order option checked in BLESS to sync to ShippingEasy. Orders that are not yet Complete in BLESS will not be sent to ShippingEasy.


The following information for your LuLaRoe BLESS orders is sent to ShippingEasy:

  • Recipient Name

  • Recipient Address

  • Recipient Email

  • Recipient Phone Number

  • Pop-up Name, as Custom Field 1

  • Order Number

  • Order Date

  • Item Name

  • Item SKU

  • Item Cost

The Order Weight and Order Notes will not sync to ShippingEasy.

Once you have synced your orders into ShippingEasy, watch our videos on how to:


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