Configure USB Scale for ConnectEasy

Scale integration reduces human error, the time required for data entry, and assists in calculating the exact postage you need in order to save you money.

ConnectEasy is a versatile app that interfaces with ShippingEasy to integrate your hardware, such as your scale. ConnectEasy supports all USB scales from these manufacturers:


  • Dymo

  • Mettler-Toledo

  • Rollo

Integrating a USB Scale with ShippingEasy

  1. Verify that your scale is connected and powered on and that ConnectEasy is installed and configured.

    See our ConnectEasy installation guides for Mac and Windows.

  2. Open the ConnectEasy app on your computer.

  3. Select the Scales tab. Check the box to Enable Scales.

    ConnectEasy app Scales tab is marked

    devices and hardware then scale configuration
  5. On the SCALE CONFIGURATION page, click Refresh Scale List to list your scale.

    refresh scale list
  6. Select your scale from the list:

    Scales dropdown list
  7. Verify that your scale is displaying a weight by adding weight to the scale. The weight that appears in the fields should match the reading on the scale:

    Scales weight display

    Weight Display

    If the weight from your scale does not appear, it may be necessary to click the Save button and then click the Get Weight button again.

  8. Click Save.

Using a Scale to Update Weight on the ORDERS Page

  1. Click the order you would like to get a weight for.

    Orders page one line item marked

    In the Edit Order slide out, the weight fields will show "No weight registered from scale":

    Order details slideout no weight registered marked
  2. Place your package for the order on the scale to see the weight register from the scale.

    Order details slideout weight registered marked
  3. Click Buy Label.

    Order details slideout Buy Label marked

Using a Scale to Update Weight on the READY TO SHIP Page

  1. On the READY TO SHIP screen, if your scale is registering a weight, it will be automatically displayed in pounds and ounces fields:

    ready to ship page weight box
  2. If you want to enter a different weight than what the scale registered, remove the package from the scale so that the scale displays a weight of zero.

  3. When the weight on the scale changes, the Update button will be enabled on the READY TO SHIP screen. Click the blue Update button to get an updated rate quote for the shipment:

    ready to ship page weight updated box


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