Create a Batch Shipment | How To

Creating a batch shipment allows you to apply a set of shipping preferences across all orders with a single selection. Instead of processing individual shipments and selecting a rate for each one, you can quickly process up to 200 shipments at once and apply the same carrier, service, and package.

Create and Process a Batch

To create a batch:

  1. Select one or more orders, then click the Group as Batch button at the top center of the ORDERS page.


    You are unable to batch international shipments using UPS Standard as the carrier service.


    Your batch will be sent to and visible on the BATCHES page.



    Domestic and International shipments cannot be batched together!

  2. Click on the Batch name.

  3. Make your carrier selection for the batch and select Buy Label or Add to Cart.


Things to Note:

  • You cannot add orders to a batch once a batch is created.

  • The individual "Ship To" address for each order will automatically populate on each shipping label based on details entered by the buyer in your store. Click on individual order listings in the "Pending Queue" to review the address details.

Batch Orders by Weight

ShippingEasy has several options for batching orders based on a common factor within your shipments. Options to batch according to variables like destination, quantity, or status quickly allow you to ship these orders via the same carrier, service, and package.

To batch orders by weight:

  1. Choose the Weight filter and select your filter option.


    All orders that meet this requirement will now show on the ORDERS page.


    Save your filtered options for easy selection next time, with our Saved Views feature.

  2. Select the orders you want to batch either by selecting each order individually or selecting all orders on the page to be batched together.

  3. Click the Group as Batch button.


    You will be notified once this is successful and the orders will be sent to the BATCHES page.

Override Weights for all Shipments in a Batch

Once you have sent a batch of orders to the BATCHES page, you will have the option to edit the batch as a whole or an individual order within the batch. Learn more about editing individual orders in a batch.

To override the weights for all shipments in a batch:

  1. Select the batch that you would like to edit from the list of pending orders on the BATCHES page.

  2. Click the Edit for all shipments link within the "Carrier Services and Packaging" section.

  3. Enter the new Weight. Then, click the Update button.


All orders within the batch will be updated to have the same weight.

Insure all Shipments within a Batch

Add affordable package insurance to your packages when shipping in batches:

  1. Select the batch that you would like to edit from the list of pending orders on the BATCHES page.

  2. Click the Add Insurance for all Shipments link in the "Carrier Services and Packaging" section. The "Batch Insurance Options" modal will open.

    Click the Add Insurance to All Shipments link.
  3. Specify whether you would like to insure each shipment to the estimated order value or manually enter an amount for which each package in the batch should be insured. Then, click the Save button.


Things to Note:

  • After applying insurance, your cost summary will reflect the insurance charge amounts.

  • Shipsurance charges will be broken out into a separate line item called Insurance. (For UPS declared value, the price paid will be included in the Additional Fees line item.)



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