Configure ConnectEasy for Printing

ConnectEasy provides a direct connection to your computer's printers.

Before configuring ConnectEasy, ensure you have installed the application on your computer. We have OS-specific installation guides in our ConnectEasy overview.

Once you have installed ConnectEasy, you can configure the program to use unique printers for each document type: labels, packing slips, pick lists, and customs forms. By sending print jobs directly to your printer, there is no longer a need to display PDF versions of your labels and documents in another browser tab. Just click the Print Now button, and everything prints automatically to the correct printer!

Configure ConnectEasy for Printing:

  1. Select CONNECTEASY located under the DEVICES and HARDWARE section.

    devices and hardware then ConnectEasy
  2. Click the Configure Printers button at the bottom of the page.


    On the PRINTER CONFIGURATION page, columns are displayed for each carrier label and document type, i.e., domestic labels or packing slips.


    New ConnectEasy Setup

    All printed output is default sent to a PDF file if ConnectEasy has never been used. When you print to PDF, a new browser tab will open to display your document, and you must then choose to print again from your browser via the print icon or command.

  3. Click the Add Printer drop-down menu to see a list of your printers that ConnectEasy can use.

  4. Select the printer (and computer) pairs you want to use, and assign the necessary carrier labels and document types to your printer using the radio buttons on the right. This will send each selection to the matching printer or PDF.


    The example above shows:

    • ZDesigner GC420d(EPL) Printer - will print all the Domestic Label options.

    • Brother HL-L2395DW series Printer - will print International Labels & Customs Forms.

    • PDF - Packing Slips and Pick Lists will generate in a PDF.

  5. Consolidators

    The “Consolidators” column is only for Domestic Consolidators. International Consolidators will still go to the international printer. This is because we offer different options for domestic carriers and only one for all international labels.

  6. Click Save.


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