Getting Started with CSV Order Uploads

If you need to ship orders from a store that is not yet integrated with ShippingEasy, we offer the convenient option of uploading as many orders as you need via a CSV (comma-separated value) file. For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to import orders from a CSV file, review our Import Orders via CSV How To guide.

Assemble Your Order Data

The first step when importing orders from a CSV file is to assemble your order data. Most store platforms allow you to export orders as a CSV file that can be uploaded into ShippingEasy. Even if you don’t have the option to export orders from your selling channel, you can assemble a CSV file from scratch. Just be sure to include at least the following pieces of information:

Download a sample CSV file to help you get started!

  • Order Number

  • Item Name

  • Customer First and Last Name

  • Shipping Address

    The Shipping Address must be separated into a column for each part: Street Address column, City column, State column, and Zip Code column.

While not required, we strongly suggest that you also include the following information:

  • Item Quantity

  • Item Weight

  • Customer Email Address

Once you have assembled your order data into a CSV file, you are ready to upload your orders to ShippingEasy. Follow the steps in the video guide or the Import Orders via CSV How To guide to complete the upload process.


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