Create a Single Label

Creating a label for a shipment is ShippingEasy's primary function. A shipment consists of one or more orders and allows you to assign an individual service and rate for each order.  You can create a label for a shipment from orders from your connected store or by manually adding an order. Learn how to add a manual order.

This article describes how to create a single label for a shipment. However, there are ways to create multiple labels at one time, depending on your needs:

Create a Single Label from the ORDERS page

Create a Single Label using Instant Rate

One of the easiest ways to ship is to use Instant Rate, where ShippingEasy automatically assigns a service based on product weight. If your product weights are accurate and you see a rate next to the order, you can click the rate to purchase the order.

  1. Click Buy Label in the "Shipping Selection" column of the order you wish to create a label for.


    If you see a caution sign, hover over it to see what prevents us from providing a quote. You can click the Fix button to resolve the issue and get a quote.

  2. Select multiple orders if they have rate quotes and buy them all simultaneously by clicking the Buy Labels button above the orders list.


    For more information, check out our Instant Rate | FAQs.


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