Wish is a leading mobile marketplace that delivers a fun, personalized shopping experience to app users. ShippingEasy has direct integration with Wish to make it easy for you to receive orders and ship them to your customers.

ShippingEasy will automatically send queries to read the orders from your Wish account and then load them into our application. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to your Wish store.

Wish Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • You must have a live account with Wish.

Order Import Requirements:

  • Orders placed in the last 29 days will appear on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.

    If you have orders older than 29 days, you can create manual orders for these shipments. Learn more about creating manual orders.

Connect Wish to ShippingEasy

To connect a Wish store to ShippingEasy:

  1. Select Wish from the Platform drop-down menu, then click Save .


    When you click Save, you will be taken to Wish. If you are not already logged into Wish, you will be prompted to do so.

  2. Wish will direct you to a screen titled "Request for Permission." Click Confirm.

  3. Click Confirm on the following confirmation screen.


That's it! Your store is connected to ShippingEasy!

ShippingEasy Does Not View Your Wish Support Tickets or Notifications

ShippingEasy will not make use of the ability to view your Wish support tickets or notifications. Our integration with Wish does not allow ShippingEasy to limit which permissions we request.

Wish Order Data

Wish Standard Data Supported

ShippingEasy's Wish integration supports the following features and order data fields:

Supported Order Statuses

Wish order statuses map to ShippingEasy in the following way:

Wish Status

ShippingEasy Status


Approved Shipment

Require Review

Not supported


Not supported


Not supported

Wish Integration Notes

Wish Express Fulfillment Date

The Wish Express fulfillment date is displayed in an optional column on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy called Ship By Date. This date matches the Ship By date listed in the Orders section of the Wish Merchant Dashboard. Learn more about arranging columns on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.

Combining and Splitting Orders

  • If you combine two Wish orders in ShippingEasy, both orders will be updated in Wish with the same tracking number.

    However, Wish does not recommend combining orders and recommends separate tracking numbers per order.

  • If you split a Wish order in ShippingEasy, tracking information will be sent back to Wish for all of the line items in the order when the first label is purchased. Each subsequent shipment will override the prior tracking number stored in Wish.

    This is because Wish does not have a "Partially Shipped" order status. Per Wish, each order has a single recipient and should be shipped in full.

Inventory Management

Inventory management systems such as Solid Commerce, SynCommerce, and SCOUT topShelf allow merchants to integrate multiple selling channels for easy inventory management. ShippingEasy supports syncing orders from several of these platforms.

If your Wish store is connected to an inventory management system that also connects to ShippingEasy, we advise only connecting either the platform or your Wish store, but not both. Integrating both will cause your orders to duplicate when syncing in ShippingEasy.


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