Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart)

Whether you are brand new to ShippingEasy or have an existing account, it is easy to integrate your Shift4Shop store with ShippingEasy. This guide provides all the information you need to know about connecting and using the Shift4Shop integration with ShippingEasy.

Shift4Shop Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • ShippingEasy supports Shift4Shop REST API integration.

  • You must have an active account with Shift4Shop.

  • Your Shift4Shop Store URL and Token.

New Shift4Shop Legacy Integrations Not Supported

If you integrated your Shift4Shop store with ShippingEasy before June 2016, please contact our Customer Success team to learn more about migrating from the legacy to REST integration.

Connect a Shift4Shop Store to ShippingEasy

Follow the steps below to get your store URL and the Shift4Shop Token to connect your store to ShippingEasy.

First, access your Shift4Shop credentials

  1. Open another browser tab and login into your Shift4Shop account to access your Shift4Shop Store URL and Token.

  2. Click the Modules entry in Shift4Shop:

    Shift4Shop Modules sidebar menu
  3. Scroll down or search for the REST API module and click Settings.

  4. Click the + Add button:

    Shift4Shop add button in rest api
  5. Paste ShippingEasy's Public Key: 4f5462ddbc8e615821aea3346cd03801 into the field in Shift4Shop:

    3dcart public key
  6. Click the + Add button:

    3dcart public key and add button
  7. Click the + Authorize button:

    Shift4Store authorize button

    A popup window will open (be sure to enable popups in your browser). You will need the Store URL and Shift4Shop Token to connect your store to ShippingEasy.

Add your Shift4Shop Store URL and Token to ShippingEasy

  1. Select Shift4Shop from the Platform drop-down menu. You will be prompted for your Shift4Shop credentials from the popup window.

    New store Shift4Shop selected
  2. Copy the Store URL and Shift4Shop Token from the popup window

    Shift4Shop PopUp marked

    and paste it to ShippingEasy

  3. Click Save.


That's it! Your store is connected to ShippingEasy!

Shift4Shop Order Data

Supported Order Data and Features

ShippingEasy's Shift4Shop integration supports the following features and order data fields:

Supported Order Statuses

Ship4Shop order statuses map to ShippingEasy in the following way:

Shift4Shop status

ShippingEasy status


Awaiting Shipment


Awaiting Shipment


Partially Shipped


Awaiting Payment


Awaiting Fulfillment

Custom 1, 2, 3

Awaiting Shipment

The statuses Shipped, Cancelled, and Not Completed will not sync into ShippingEasy. The status Hold is not automatically included in order downloads. You can manually select to include this as well as 3 custom statuses in orders that sync by following these steps.

Select Shift4Shop order statuses to sync into ShippingEasy

  1. Click the "Orders" tab and scroll down to the "Enabled Order Statuses" section and check each status that you'd like to sync into ShippingEasy.

  2. In the "Custom Status Name" field, enter the exact custom status name as it appears in your Shift4Shop control panel.  TIP: we suggest copy and pasting these to ensure accuracy.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save your changes.

  4. Then head back to your ORDERS page and click Sync with Store.

Custom Statuses Must Match Exactly!

It is imperative that the custom status listed in ShippingEasy exactly matches the status as it is saved in Shift4Shop. Even a minor difference, such as spaces, capitalization, or punctuation, will result in orders failing to sync.

We recommend copying and pasting the statuses directly from Shift4Shop into ShippingEasy. [Shift4Shop article showing how to get to custom status settings].

Shift4Shop Integration Notes

  • If you manage your orders in your Shift4Shop admin panel by moving them between statuses, you may wish to disable ShippingEasy's automatic order download. This allows you to edit your orders and then tell ShippingEasy when you're ready to sync your orders. Learn more about syncing on demand.

  • Shift4Shop provides the option to purchase multiple items and send them to multiple recipients; however, ShippingEasy does not currently support this.

    We're interested to know how important this feature is to our Shift4Shop customers. Please leave your feedback in our Feature Request forum. Learn more about sharing your feedback with ShippingEasy.

  • Manual orders that are in an approved syncing status when the API queries your store will import into ShippingEasy.

  • If a canceled order is still on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy and has not been edited in ShippingEasy, it will be removed automatically the next time ShippingEasy syncs Shift4Shop orders.

  • If you have customized your Shift4Shop statuses and assigned any name other than "Shipped" to your Shipped orders folder, ShippingEasy will be unable to mark your orders as shipped. Once you update your Shipped order folder's name back to "Shipped", future order updates to your Shift4Shop store will be successful.

  • If an order has been updated after it has been synced in ShippingEasy, some changes will update to ShippingEasy. For a list of what changes will update, see our article Edit Orders in Store - Changes that Update to ShippingEasy | FAQs.


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