Sears integrates directly with ShippingEasy. Sears is a platform for selling your products which makes it easy to receive orders and ship them to your customers. ShippingEasy will automatically send queries to read the orders from your Sears account and then load them into our application. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to your Sears store.

Sears Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • You must have a live account with Sears.

  • Sears Seller ID

  • Sears Email

  • Sears API Authorization Key

Connect a Sears Store to ShippingEasy

To connect Sears, you will need to complete steps in both Sears and ShippingEasy.

How to connect your Sears to an existing ShippingEasy account

  1. Select Sears from the Platform drop-down menu. Complete your store integration by adding your Sears credentials.

Once you are prompted for your Sears Seller ID:

  1. In a different browser tab, log in to your Sears account and click the menu in the upper-right corner of the page (where your name is displayed). Copy the Seller ID from Sears:

  2. Into the Seller ID field in ShippingEasy:

  3. Enter the Sears Email address you use to login into your Sears account:

  4. Click the Account Info link in Sears:

  5. Scroll down to the API Authorization Key section and click the Generate New Key button:

  6. Copy the newly generated Authorization Key from Sears:

  7. Into the API Authorization Key field in ShippingEasy:

  8. Click Save.

That's it! Your store is connected to ShippingEasy!

Sears Order Data

Sears Standard Data Supported

ShippingEasy's Sears integration supports the following features and order data fields:

Supported Order Statuses

Sears order statuses map to ShippingEasy in the following way:

Sears status

ShippingEasy status


Awaiting Fulfillment


Awaiting Fulfillment


Awaiting Shipment or Partially Shipped

Custom 1, 2, 3

Not Supported

The statuses Shipped, Cancelled, and Not Completed will not sync into ShippingEasy.

Sears Integration Notes

Order Information:

  • Order Number: There are multiple numbers for each Sears order.  The shorter purchase order number is more convenient but is not guaranteed to be unique. In the documentation for their software, Sears mandates that third-party software providers like ShippingEasy should only use the longer purchase order number, so it will be displayed in the ShippingEasy user interface.

  • Requested Service/Ship Method: There are only four values allowed: Ground, Priority, Express, or Pickup. These do not match precisely with the various carrier service offerings provided in ShippingEasy. The Sears software requires ShippingEasy to specify one of those four values, however, so our integration maps the selected service to either Ground, Priority, or Express. Overnight and expedited services are specified as Express.  Two to three-day services are specified as Priority. All other services are specified as Ground.

  • Cancelled Orders: ShippingEasy will not remove cancelled orders. The software that Sears makes available to third partiesslike ShippingEasy does not support providing any type of updated information about an order.


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