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BigCommerce is a platform for selling your products that offers inventory management and website customization. BigCommerce integrates directly with ShippingEasy and will automatically import orders from your store. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to your BigCommerce store.

You can access popular applications like ShippingEasy from right inside your BigCommerce account through the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

With the powerful Single Click Install feature of the BigCommerce Apps page, you can create a new ShippingEasy account and immediately integrate it with your BigCommerce store - all in a few easy steps.

BigCommerce Single Click Install Creates a New ShippingEasy Account

You cannot use an existing ShippingEasy account within BigCommerce as a BigCommerce App.

If you already have a ShippingEasy account and want to connect your BigCommerce store, please see our guide to using BigCommerce with ShippingEasy.

BigCommerce App Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • You must have a live account with BigCommerce.

  • You will need a unique email address for your new ShippingEasy account login that is not already associated with another ShippingEasy account.

Install the ShippingEasy App in BigCommerce

Access Single Click Install in your BigCommerce account

  1. Click the Apps tab on the left side of the screen and select Marketplace.

    Screenshot of BigCommerce Apps menu in BigCommerce interface with red boxes drawn around "Apps" and "Marketplace" in menu.
  2. Locate the ShippingEasy app, then click the blue Install button:

  3. Click Confirm on the next screen to give ShippingEasy access to your BigCommerce account.

  4. Choose the ShippingEasy plan that is right for you, then click Start free trial for that plan.

  5. Fill in the information for your new ShippingEasy account, then click Start now.

  6. Click the blue Start button on the next screen to begin the quick process of setting up your ShippingEasy account.


    Because your BigCommerce store is already connected to ShippingEasy, you have already completed Step 1 - Add orders that need to be shipped.

  7. Select the label layout that best matches your printer, then click Save & Continue.

  8. A USPS from ShippingEasy One Balance account is created for you when you sign up for ShippingEasy. There is nothing else you need to do to set it up. Learn more about your USPS One Balance account.

    You can also add a UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance account on the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page. Learn more about UPS One Balance.

    If you would like to add your own carrier accounts, you can do so in Step 3 - Add shipping carrier. Learn more about connecting your carrier accounts.

That's it! You have created a ShippingEasy account and integrated it with your BigCommerce store.

To access ShippingEasy from within BigCommerce, select ShippingEasy from the Apps tab on the left side of the screen.


BigCommerce Order Data

BigCommerce Standard Data Supported

ShippingEasy's BigCommerce integration supports the following features and order data fields:

BigCommerce Gift Wrapping Must Be Enabled for Gift Options to Display in ShippingEasy

Gift notes will only be displayed on BigCommerce orders in ShippingEasy if you use the gift wrapping option provided by BigCommerce. Learn more about BigCommerce gift options.

Supported Order Statuses

BigCommerce order statuses map to ShippingEasy in the following way:

BigCommerce status

ShippingEasy status

Awaiting Payment

Awaiting Payment

Awaiting Shipment

Awaiting Shipment

Awaiting Fulfillment

Awaiting Fulfillment

Partially Shipped

Partially Shipped

Orders in the status Awaiting Payment are not automatically included in order downloads from BigCommerce. To turn on automatic downloads of Awaiting Payment orders, go to SETTINGS > STORES & ORDERS > Edit store settings. Learn more about syncing order statuses in ShippingEasy.

Notes about the BigCommerce ShippingEasy App

Using the ShippingEasy App

  • You cannot access ShippingEasy as a BigCommerce App from multiple BigCommerce stores.

    However, you can set up multiple BigCommerce stores within your ShippingEasy account. Learn more about integrating your BigCommerce store with ShippingEasy.

  • You can integrate other stores and ecommerce platforms with the ShippingEasy account you created with BigCommerce Single Click Install.

Editing Orders and Shipments

  • If an order is shipped in BigCommerce, ShippingEasy will automatically clear the order from the ORDERS page the next time your BigCommerce store syncs in ShippingEasy.

  • If an order present on the ShippingEasy ORDERS page is canceled in BigCommerce, it will be removed from your ShippingEasy account.

  • If you change the recipient address for an order in BigCommerce, that change will update in ShippingEasy the next time your BigCommerce store syncs as long as the order is still on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.

    Orders will NOT update if:

    • The order is moved from the ShippingEasy ORDERS page and later returned. Orders must remain on the ORDERS page to receive updates via the API during automatic sync.

    • If you manually adjust an order in ShippingEasy (add a line item, remove a line item, edit the address, etc.). We consider ShippingEasy to be the main source of information and will not check for updates within BigCommerce on future store syncs.

Combining and Splitting Orders

  • If you combine two BigCommerce orders in ShippingEasy, both orders will be updated in BigCommerce with the same tracking number after the order is shipped in ShippingEasy.

  • If you split a BigCommerce order in ShippingEasy, ShippingEasy will automatically update each tracking number to BigCommerce when each portion of the order is shipped as a partial shipment.

Email Notifications

You have the option to send email notifications from ShippingEasy to your customers. Learn more about sending emails from ShippingEasy.

If you would like to send emails from ShippingEasy, we recommend reviewing your BigCommerce email settings to ensure that your customers will not receive duplicate emails:

  1. In BigCommerce, go to Advanced Settings > Order Notifications.

  2. Check or uncheck the boxes for emails you would like to send or not send.

  3. Save your changes.

Learn more about Order Notifications and Customer Order Notifications from BigCommerce.


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