ShippingEasy Quick Panel

ShippingEasy's Quick Panel feature helps you move through the app seamlessly, giving you the ability to switch pages, search for orders, or quickly access help guides with a few strokes on the keyboard.

To access the Quick Panel from anywhere in the app, click cmd+k to open the panel in Mac or ctrl+k for Windows.


Once the panel appears, you can use the following keys to access the tasks you want to accomplish:

  • # - Typing the hash symbol will allow you to search orders. This is also the default task that will appear when the Quick Panel opens.

  • ? - Typing the question mark symbol will give you access to our knowledge base so you can search for help guides.

  • / - Typing backslash will give you the ability to search and switch pages across the app.

You can also use the drop-down menu to switch between tasks:


Clear Search Field Before Switching Task

Make sure your search field is empty before you switch tasks.

If you need a reminder of these commands, you can find them listed at the bottom of the Quick Panel:



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