Bring Your Own Carrier Account | Overview

ShippingEasy’s Bring Your Own Carrier Account is an add-on that allows you to connect carriers that you have existing accounts with to use your own negotiated rates. Eligible ShippingEasy subscriptions plans can enable the Bring Your Own Carrier Account add-on to ship using your existing carrier accounts for a monthly fee.

All ShippingEasy plans come with free One Balance carrier accounts that offer Commercial pricing discounts beyond standard shipping rates.

Bring Your Own Carriers Add-On Limited to Specific Plans

Bring Your Own Carriers is not available on the Legacy Starter plans. These plan types offer One Balance Carriers for discounted shipping rates.

ShippingEasy integrates directly with a variety of carriers, including some of the biggest worldwide carriers (like UPS, FedEx and DHL). Any negotiated rates you have with your carrier accounts will apply to these labels when created in ShippingEasy and are invoiced by the carrier the same way they would be if you purchased labels from their online platforms. There is no limit to how many carriers you can connect with Bring Your Own Carriers.

Bring You Own Carrier Pricing

For all eligible subscription plans you must enable the Bring Your Own Carriers add-on if you would like to connect and use your own carrier accounts. This adds a monthly fee ranging from $5/mo to $80/mo (cost varies by plan) to your monthly subscription plan cost. Once enabled, you can create as many labels with Bring Your Own Carriers as you like within your plans shipment limit.

The following are the associated fees for enabling Bring Your Own Carrier at each plan level:

  • Free Starter Plan: $5

  • Growth Plan: $10

  • Basic Plan: $15

  • Plus Plan: $20

  • Select Plan: $40

  • Premium Plan: $60

  • Enterprise Plan: $80

  • Any unlimited plan: $.08/label

The fee for Bring Your Own Carrier Account is charged monthly. If you enable the add-on during your current billing cycle, you will be charged a prorated amount for the remaining labels.

For LuLaRoe and Paparazzi merchants, the Bring Your Own Carriers add-on can be enabled at no additional charge. However, each non-One Balance Carrier label you create will be invoiced at $0.08 per label.

Enable Bring Your Own Carrier

You can enable Bring Your Own Carrier on the SUBSCRIPTIONS & BILLING page under ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

Account Settings page with Subscriptions & Billing link highlighted.
  1. Click Add Bring Your Own Carrier under the Available Add-Ons section.

    The Bring Your Own Carrier add on is selected on the Available Add ons screen.
  2. Click the Enable Bring Your Own Carrier button after reviewing the add-on pricing in the pop-up.


Once enabled, you can select your carrier to add from the pop-up by clicking the connect button to the left of your carrier, or if you have multiple carriers to connect you can click the Connect Your Carriers button:


You can also connect carriers later by clicking Cancel. Carriers can be added by clicking CARRIER FUNDS from the left-hand navigation anywhere in the app:

Carrier Funds marked


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