Shipping to Mexico

The ShippingEasy process for shipping internationally to Mexico is much the same as shipping any international package. However, as of January of 2023, the Mexican Tax Authority adopted the Carta Porte requirements, which mandate that all shipments to and within Mexico include a Package Description field that accurately describes the contents of the shipment. This description is in addition to the customs forms item descriptions and applies no matter which carrier you are shipping with.

Important Dates

  • March 20th, 2023: UPS will require the Package Description field for all shipments to Mexico. If the Package Description field is not filled in when shipping with UPS to Mexico, you will receive an error and will not be able to create the label.

  • August 1st, 2023: The Mexican Tax Authority will begin enforcing the Carta Porte requirements. Shipments that do not comply with these requirements will be subject to delays as well as penalties from the Mexican Government.

To ensure your shipments to Mexico meet these requirements, ShippingEasy has added a Goods Description field that will be present only for shipments destined for Mexico.

Adding a Goods Description

On the ORDERS page:

When you click on an order on the ORDERS page, you will see the "Customs Information" section in the Order Details slide out. Click to expand the section and enter a description of the goods in the Goods Description field:


On the BATCHES page:

Once a batch order has moved to the BATCHES page, select the order with the batch and scroll to the "Customs Information" section. Then, enter a description of the goods in the Goods Description field:

on Ready to Ship page under Customs Information, Goods Description is marked

When adding a description of the goods, keep the following in mind:

  • The description can be a maximum of 35 characters.

  • The description should be a summary of all the contents of the parcel.

  • If you have set in Goods Description in INTERNATIONAL SETTINGS, that description will pre-populate if the field on both the ORDERS and BATCHES page.

  • On the BATCHES page, if you create a multi-package shipment, the Goods Description will populate from the initial shipment for each additional package.


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