Ship Packages to Specific Zones via USPS Regional Rate - Shipping Rules

Shipping using a [USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate box] can often be the cheapest option if you are shipping close to your origin and if your items can fit in a Regional Rate Box. Plus, [USPS offers free packaging!]

This rule will require a little bit of prep work:

  1. Determine which of the Regional Rate boxes works for you (A or B). [Learn about Regional Rate boxes.]

  2. [Create a Shipping Preset] for your Regional Rate shipment. 

Now you are ready to configure your new Shipping Rule!

  1. For example, "Regional Rate Box A".

  2. Set an "IF" condition to define the Zone to account for how far the package will be traveling. In our example, Regional Rate shipping to Zones 1-4 yields the best rate for our particular products.

    if zone is equal to 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Zone | Is equal to | 1, 2, 3, 4

  3. Click the +Add button.

    add button on shipping rules page
  4. Set the "IF" condition to define the Order weight to account for the maximum weight allowed for the Regional Rate box you will be using. We are shipping via Regional Rate Box A, so our shipments need to weigh less than 15 pounds. [Learn more about the weight limits of each Regional Rate box type.]

    if order weight is less than or equal to
    • Order weight | Is less than or equal to | enter in the specified maximum weight


    Add more conditions to account for anything from Item SKU to Total quantity. For instance, we know that no more than 5 items will fit in a Regional Rate Box A, so we are going to set Total quantity as an additional condition by selecting the +Add button.

    If total quantity is less than 5
    • Total quantity | Is less than | 5

  5. Now, set the "THEN" action to the saved Shipping Preset that you created in the preparation steps. This will automatically the carrier, service, and box-type to any qualifying shipment.

    then set shipping preset to regional rate a box
    • Set shipping preset | Regional Rate Box A


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