USPS SCAN Form Error Messages | Troubleshoot

The following errors may appear when attempting to make a USPS SCAN form. Click through to find out how troubleshooting tips.

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Error: Invalid Tax ID

You may encounter this error when creating a USPS SCAN Form within ShippingEasy. If you receive the "Invalid Tax ID" error, retry creating the SCAN Form using the portal instead. Learn how to print a USPS SCAN Form on

Error: The SCAN Form for could not be created: There is more than one shipping date present.

You may encounter this error if shipments are included in the USPS Scan form with multiple ship dates. If you receive this error, use the Ship Date Filter for only one day. Learn more about the shipments available for USPS Scan Forms.

Error: The SCAN Form for could not be created: There are more than one zip codes present.

If you receive this error and only have one zip code listed within ShippingEasy, create the USPS SCAN Form directly on

Error: is attempting to generate your USPS SCAN Form

If the SCAN Form takes more than 10 minutes to generate, the status will change to Retrying. The shipments on a Retrying SCAN Form are not eligible to be included on another SCAN Form.  If the SCAN Form does not generate,  the status changes to Failed. A new SCAN Form can be created at that time.


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