Mass promo Email to customers and Email conversations with customers

How many customers can potentially be included in "mass" emails?  Also, say I emailed a customer and after page refreshed, the email will become a link. What...
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Customer Management Emails

I would like to see the ability to set an email for a future date/time delivery in the CM email feature.  This way I can write an email now, when I think of ...
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First Impression

Just signed up, 2 things on my wish list right off the bat.  I would like to be able to see the number of orders as a column in the default display. It would...
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Just saw the video, gonna try this out. This would save us money and can be more efficient compared to our current email/customer lists.
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How do I sign up for the Customer Management beta?

ShippingEasy's Customer Management Beta is now available to all interested customers! Enabling Customer Management in your ShippingEasy account is simple - j...

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