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  • How can I see details of what orders shipped?

    DJ Shott 0 votes 2 comments Completed

    I'm locked out because I Sent 51 labels, and now I'm unable to see previous orders or access any account details. I need to verify details on some orders, how can I do this? view more / comment

  • Paging on Package Setup interface

    Cameron Thorne 0 votes 4 comments Completed

    I have 30 pre-defined packages set up, but it looks like the list is a static list of 25 sorted alphabetically. As soon as I set up my 26th package, I lost access to one of them (the last one alphabetically). Now I cannot access it to edit the weights. This screen needs to simply display all my packages, or implement paging. view more / comment

  • Account locked on setting when over 50 shipments

    Poyoyo Studio 0 votes 4 comments Completed

    I didn't notice that I was just 1 over the shipment...but in the middle of compiling the labels into a pdf batch for printing, it stopped loading. So I tried refreshing or clicking to other part of the site. I was then locked into the account setting saying I met my 50 quota. I would have canceled one shipment if I could, but out of time and desperation to ship everything out today I switch to basic to get the pdf finished and I couldn't access any part of the site to even... view more / comment

  • Long string of random numbers sent to Ebay & Amazon as tracking number when shipping USPS Flats without tracking

    Nathan Clay 0 votes 8 comments Closed for comments Completed

    Any idea why its sending a long string of numbers, like 0004000074516327839577840486424 over to Ebay and Amazon as a tracking number when we're without tracking via USPS Flats? Any way to make it stop doing that? Thanks. view more / comment

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