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  • Inventory of Bundled Products

    Tim 1 vote 4 comments Closed for comments Completed

    Hello! This is request for the feature to go back to where it was. It appears to have changed recently.  On the bundled product detail page, it used to show the inventory status for each of the individual products that made up that bundle. Made it easy to see which item was the limiting factor. Now I have to click on each item to see what it's inventory is and if it matches the total available for the bundle. Please put it back the way it was! I used bundles to track compo... [ view more | comment ]

  • Unit Value change to accommodate more decimal spaces

    Alan 0 votes 2 comments Completed

    Just encountered a minor problem while making a PO and inputting in the Unit Value. We order things in large bulk quantity sometimes and our vendors would value large quantities in more than two decimal spaces. For example: $6.341 per unit. Shipping easy requires you to round up or down. But if I am ordering hundreds or thousands of units of a product, the total cost would be inaccurate. [ view more | comment ]

  • add etsy to inventory management

    Jesse Peffer 0 votes 4 comments Completed

    I wish you would add Etsy to your inventory management. I know you haven't added it because etsy does not support skus but why can't we use our product titles as a sku? every product title is different/unique. I may be switching to a different provider because you don't support both etsy & shopify :( [ view more | comment ]

  • Select Products and Create a PO

    Travis 1 vote 14 comments Completed

    The Inventory function would be way better if there was a way to select on the items in the low inventory report or in the product list and create a purchase order or even multiple purchase orders.   [ view more | comment ]

  • Be able to Import/Export all Product Fields in Inventory

    Travis 1 vote 7 comments Completed

    Right now you can only update some of the product fields.  Some important fields are missing like UPC. We should be able to do all the fields. [ view more | comment ]

  • Sorting of Stores on Orders Page

    Kirk Kryger 0 votes 2 comments Completed

    Greetings, I would like to place a request for a New Feature. We currently have 16 Stores on our account and it would be helpful to be able to have them Sorted Under the Store Dropdown on the Orders Page. Even Alphabetical would be helpful, currently it seems as if they are FIFO order. Thanks. Kirk Kryger [ view more | comment ]

  • bundle products using CSV

    DJ 0 votes 1 comment Completed

    It would be nice to have a field included on the CSV files that allowed for the bundles to be loaded by CSV, for example "is bundled"; sku #1, qty sku #1, sku #2, qty sku #2 etc. [ view more | comment ]

  • Keep Import/Export CSV in sync with GUI

    DJ 0 votes 2 comments Completed

    please keep the product inventory import/export fields updated and in sync with the GUI fields.  ie. we are currently unable to import quite a few fields. active/inactive (very important), ASIN, UPC. [ view more | comment ]

  • Option to import UPC codes into products

    Michael 0 votes 8 comments Completed

    When importing product there is no option to import the UPC even though there is a field for it please make possible to import [ view more | comment ]

  • Safety Qty to avoid overselling

    Websales55 0 votes 5 comments Completed

    Could really benefit from the ability to set a safety quantity on a global level and on an item level.  If a product sells 100pcs per day across 10 different channels then it would not be able to react fast enough to update all the channels since its selling too fast or also to save qty for reships for lost or damaged items or when the warehouses misses count by a couple pcs.   Example set the safety qty to 3 on the item level and we have 500 in stock would send 497pcs to ... [ view more | comment ]

  • Etsy 2-way sync inventory integration request

    Peter Collins 3 votes 17 comments Completed

    Would like to put in a request for 2-way sync with etsy for inventory integration please. I really hope you can do this, it would be make the ShippingEasy Inventory a no-brainer for me. Thanks [ view more | comment ]

  • Allow Override Product Names During Import from Markeplaces

    Travis 1 vote 16 comments Completed

    Forgive the shipstation reference, but that is where I come from and they do a lot of smart things, but it would be really nice to Override the imported product name from the marketplace with the one that we use in our inventory.   I am currently demoing shipping easy and love the inventory feature, however this seems like a pretty common sense move to make inventory better and make packing slips and pick lists better.  Amazon for example doesn't always use the most recogn... [ view more | comment ]

  • getting bundles to show on pick lists and packing slips

    Melanie 2 votes 2 comments Completed

     Apparently you don't currently support bundles on the pick list and packing slips? we were going to be creating bundles specifically for the holiday season, but if your pick lists and packing slips can't handle it, what is the point of having the "bundle" offering? Why would you let us "bundle" items if we can't have them show anywhere? [ view more | comment ]

  • Proactively Linking Product Catalog SKUs to Stores for Multi-Channel Sellers?

    Andrew Thomas 1 vote 7 comments Completed

    Please confirm that this is the case:  ShippingEasy cannot proactively send quantity updates to Ebay or Amazon until an order for that SKU has come from that marketplace.  If we've had an order for a SKU from Ebay but not Amazon, then ShippingEasy can control that SKU on Ebay but not Amazon. It seems like it will take a fatal number of order defects before ShippingEasy is able to actually manage our inventory across Ebay, Amazon, and Shopify.  I feel like I must be misunde... [ view more | comment ]

  • Export Products

    Nitivel Molohs 0 votes 2 comments Completed

     The "Export Products" link on the left under 'Products" is a broken https://app.shippingeasy.com/products/exports [ view more | comment ]

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