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  • How can I post in the Inventory Feature Requests forum?

    ShippingEasy 0 votes 0 comments Closed for comments

    ShippingEasy's Inventory Integration provides access to new tools that help to better manage your products, inventory levels, fulfillment and purchasing. This forum will be used to share feedback about ShippingEasy's Inventory Management functionality.  In the spirit of productive discussion and development, we request respectful comments and constructive criticism. Our forums are managed by the ShippingEasy Support and Product Teams, but are run on a third party support ... [ view more | comment ]

  • Unit Value change to accommodate more decimal spaces

    Alan 0 votes 2 comments Completed

    Just encountered a minor problem while making a PO and inputting in the Unit Value. We order things in large bulk quantity sometimes and our vendors would value large quantities in more than two decimal spaces. For example: $6.341 per unit. Shipping easy requires you to round up or down. But if I am ordering hundreds or thousands of units of a product, the total cost would be inaccurate. [ view more | comment ]

  • Do not automatically create variations when importing products from Amazon

    Tomasz 1 vote 1 comment

    Please!! Or at least give users the option to create or not create variations automatically. Thanks! [ view more | comment ]

  • Increase the preview to include all variants instead of first 10; pull up specific variants when exact sku is typed in

    Cassie 1 vote 0 comments

    If I only have one or a few SKUs that I need to update the inventory count, say I come across a couple of defective items, it is too cumbersome to go through uploading the whole csv file.  So I'd go to Product Catalog and search for the product and then click on the arrow to expand to preview my variants.  It only shows 10 variants.  Most of my products have more than 10 variants; some even have over 60 variants.  *If* the variant that I'd like to update is listed within t... [ view more | comment ]

  • Update suggestions for Create PO

    Ted Slotwinski 0 votes 1 comment

    I'd like to suggest the following changes to the current Create PO process based on my brief usage: 1. Add new PO lines at the top of the listing rather than the bottom.  This will prevent needless scrolling for POs that have more than just a few lines.  Or if easier, just move the SKU, Name input box to an area below the line listing. 2. The ability to add new part numbers as part of the PO creation process.  Seems like a simple change and again, would prevent needless ju... [ view more | comment ]

  • API for Inventory Management

    Paul Determan 0 votes 1 comment

    I would like to request Open API integration / documentation for inventory management, so that we can program the appropriate module for our ecommerce software.   Thanks! Paul [ view more | comment ]

  • Negative number inventory push

    Sportz Cases 0 votes 2 comments

    Hi, I would like to request a very important needed feature.    I would like for shippingEasy to be able to push over negative numbers of inventory to the stores ‘send stock back to store’. The reason for this is that we have a back order feature on our site. So the inventory from shippingEasy doesn’t properly push the correct amount of inventory to my Shopify store.    [ view more | comment ]

  • Have Case Pack quantity stored per SKU for easier ordering

    Evan Meinerts 4 votes 1 comment

    We would like a way to save a case pack quantity to each SKU. That way on items that the supplier dictates the case pack size we can know when creating the PO how many have to be ordered to keep a full case pack. The current method of typing in the case pack value each time on a PO would be useful if we have to tell the supplier how to pack them, but more often for us it is the supplier (or just the product size) that dictates how big a case pack is. It would be nice to be... [ view more | comment ]

  • Show items not linked to a Store or Marketplace?

    jesse 0 votes 7 comments

    Is there a way, currently, without clicking into each item one by one, to show which items are not listed to a particular marketplace or any marketplace at all? Ecomdash did this well when I was with them. On your inventory page, it had a little icon for each of your linked stores. For example, I'd have two eBay stores, one Etsy, one Amazon. If an item was listed on one of the eBay stores and Amazon, you'd see the eBay icon and Amazon icon next to the item, and if you clic... [ view more | comment ]

  • Add Americommerce as a Supported Store Platform for Importing Product Data

    webguy 1 vote 3 comments

    Currently, the only way to import product data from an Americommerce Store Platform is to export data into a CSV file, then uploading it. It looks easier when using a supported store platform. Hence, this request. [ view more | comment ]

  • Enable low stock cutoff for items that are dropshipped via Amazon MCF in a shipping rule

    Ten3 1 vote 1 comment

    We have some items that we ship out via Amazon MCF, we have shipping rules set up to automatically do this which is nice.  The issue is that the only option for sending our inventory levels to our stores are either 'FBA + our stock' or only 'our stock'. So for these items that we ship out via MCF, sometimes we have run out of stock in Amazon FBA and need to ship it out via our warehouse. For these instances we want our shipping rule to be able to tell when the Amazon FBA i... [ view more | comment ]

  • Have FBA inventory level sent to stores determined by product (or product tag) instead of store-wide

    Ten3 1 vote 1 comment

    We have certain items that make sense for us to warehouse in Amazon FBA warehouses and have Amazon do the fulfillment for those orders instead of warehousing at our location and shipping ourselves. But not all products make sense to do that. What we need is to be able to select which products (via a product tag or something like that) have the FBA stock sent out to our stores instead of only being able to select having FBA inventory included for sending to stores at the st... [ view more | comment ]

  • Warehouse Bins

    Vinson M 0 votes 1 comment

    We'd like the Warehouse Bins to be split into two fields. One for aisle, and one for bin. That way, we can sort by aisle when we need to do our inventory counts. [ view more | comment ]

  • Fractional Quantities

    Vinson M 0 votes 1 comment

    We buy in bulk and break into smaller packs here at our packing center. We would love to be able to use fractional quantities to split up these bulk packs. As a fictional example, we buy six packs of Cokes as a unit from our supplier, but we'd like to sell just 1 can of Coke or 2, or 3 cans. [ view more | comment ]

  • Provide a notification when a new sku is added from an incoming order

    Jim Hobart 0 votes 1 comment

    We're getting new sku's in ShippingEasy added based on glitches with incoming orders from 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon. It would be great to have a notification when these are added to our inventory so we can take care of before things get out of hand.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Available Stock display during Purchase Order Creation

    Mason Young 0 votes 1 comment Closed for comments

    It would be VERY helpful to have the Available Stock column display when creating a PO. Currently you need to have two screens open to see what the Available Stock is for an item. [ view more | comment ]

  • Purchase Order Organization

    Jodie Shorette 0 votes 1 comment

    I would love to be able to organize the items in my purchase order by dragging and dropping. I know products with the same name stick together, but since our sizing isn't alphabetical it makes it confusing for our vendors and for us when checking in orders etc. [ view more | comment ]

  • Make Negative Inventory Numbers Easier to See

    Mason 0 votes 1 comment

    As the negative sign "-" can be easily missed when viewing inventory information It would be very helpful if negative numbers could show in red. If that is not possible put in parenthesis e"(-1)" or "(1)". [ view more | comment ]

  • Description 2 for items

    Cassie Semler 0 votes 1 comment

    It would be helpful to have a Description 2 field for products. This would provide additional info for our warehouse when picking orders.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Products by Store

    Cassie Semler 1 vote 0 comments

    It looks like the request to be able to search products/run reports by store was requested back in 2016 but nothing has happened...This is essential for many businesses...Any update?? [ view more | comment ]

  • Ad information to Product History Page

    Randy Boadway 0 votes 1 comment

    Please add to the Product History chart a column that includes the Product Inventory Level after the transaction is complete.   This will allow users to better research inventory challenges on their own.   [ view more | comment ]

  • No Re-Order

    MMBP 0 votes 4 comments

    We have active items that cannot be reordered.  We need a way to designate an inventory item that cannot be reordered so that it does not create a line item on the replenishment report. Our replenishment report is choked up with hundreds of items that can't be reordered, but are still in stock and aren't ready to be set as "inactive" status. [ view more | comment ]

  • Email notification

    Erin Johnson 0 votes 2 comments

    I am looking for a way to tell if a PO has been emailed to a vendor without having to search my email. Like an icon that comes up or changes colors once it has been emailed [ view more | comment ]

  • Two Way Sync Requests for StorEnvy and ECrater

    Dancing DJ Dave 0 votes 1 comment

    StorEnvy is linked, but cannot be set to two way sync. ECrater is not an available integration at this time. I know they aren't big players, but I'd like to put my hat in for them. [ view more | comment ]

  • Total Available including POs

    Mason Young 1 vote 2 comments

    It would be very helpful to have an available column in Product Catalog view that shows the Total Available including Awaiting.  This column would combine Available and Awaiting quantities. This would be helpful when sorting to see what items may need orders placed.   [ view more | comment ]

  • Enhanced Sort by Warehouse Bin

    Mason Young 0 votes 1 comment

    It would be very helpful if when sorting by Warehouse Bin for packing slips that both single item orders and orders with multiple items would sort together. Currently, orders with a single item sort correctly by Bin. Items with multiple line items do not seem to have any sort logic and just print at the end of the print run with, seemingly, no sort method. I would recommend sorting orders with multiple line items by the Bin within the order itself then when sorting them re... [ view more | comment ]

  • More Features for the Cost Field

    Derek Tsuboi 0 votes 5 comments

    Being an e-commerce owner keeping track of product cost is, in my opinion, one of the absolute most important things when it comes to product data.  My request specific requests are 1. Make the cost field exportable so it can be mass updated  The fact that you cannot export out cost data and have to populate it one by one makes it impossible to manage if people need to update prices across the board for situations such as: getting started, switching suppliers, price change... [ view more | comment ]

  • POS sales are a serious issue on inventory management

    Dancing DJ Dave 2 votes 2 comments

    I know shipping easy is built for shipping. Honestly I didn't/don't want help with shipping. No other inventory management system is affordable and handles bundles the way shipping easy does, while also having the ability to see Prime Orders. But I get cheaper shipping prices elsewhere. So here's the thing. I know it's built for shipping, soooo POS integration sound unnecessary, BUT not all of us want shipping assistance. I'm only interested in inventory management a... [ view more | comment ]

  • Sort by DTR (days to re-stock)

    Amy Hindman 0 votes 2 comments

    I added the DRT to my product columns. I would love it if I could sort by DTR so I can quickly see what I need to re-stock. I'm able to sort by almost every other column attribute but not that one.  Sorting by velocity would be nice too to quickly see my top sellers for the month [ view more | comment ]

  • Inventory- Add Units Sold to Product Dashboard

    Amy Hindman 0 votes 3 comments

    The product dashboard currently shows stock, available and committed but is missing "units sold". I'd love to quickly see how many units have sold without counting them up in the "history" tab or running a report.  [ view more | comment ]

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