How to edit weight on return shipping label?

Hi, I am creating a return label for a customer who bought many items and is now only returning 2. The weight of the return is significantly less than the or...
  • Vert & Vogue
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International Shipping

We are a company based in South Africa and need to decrease our international shipping costs but keep up our customer service. Does Shipping Easy allow for I...
  • Dawid Mocke
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Ability to see all orders with the same exact items from the orders page

We would like to be able to see all orders with the same exact mix of items at once. For example, show all orders where someone ordered a Black Large Shirt a...
  • Katie Anderson
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Using Customers Own Shipping Accounts

We are a B-B online store using BigCommerce. Many customers would like to use their DH:/FEDEx/UPS accounts instead of the default Big Commerce Settings of pr...
  • Bob Wettermann
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Woocommerce is not syncing anymore?

Hi, I just started using shipping easy and my woocommerce store was setup correctly. I started to get my orders synced to shipping easy, but not they don't s...
  • Ryan Conlon
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