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  • Make Orders packable by product BAR CODE.

    Casey Whitcher 1 vote 3 comments

    Hey guys, I'm incredibly excited about ShippingEasy.  The one issue I'm trying to plan for I'm certain is costing most of your customers money ( I know it will us) from time to time and it's very avoidable.  I think is a simple fix is to make it so at the pack screen in order to mark an item packed, add the option to do it by barcode. One of the biggest (if not the single biggest) reason that pack and ship systems have Bar Code scanners at the ship station is to verify the... [ view more | comment ]

  • Advance ship date to next BUSINESS date.

    Bill 4 votes 9 comments

    We prepare shipments in the evening and I have the option set to " Automatically Advance Ship Date After " with 3 pm as the value.  I was very surprised and disappointing today to see that this option literally means the next day and not the next business day.  Today is Veteran's day, no mail pickup, now I have the wrong date on my labels and the wrong information posted to my stores.  This has not come up for me before since this is the first non-Monday holiday. Isn't is ... [ view more | comment ]

  • Modify Orders/Shipments Via CSV

    Peter Ramirez 0 votes 1 comment

    I know ShippingEasy offers the ability to import orders via CSV, but ideally, one would be able to also modify specific fields once orders/shipments would already be in the system. For instance, I like to keep track of the product serial number for each of my shipments. While I could choose to manually modify the individual packing slip each and every time, this would obviously not represent an ideal solution. Again using the above example, in a perfect world, I would be a... [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipsurance - Option boxes

    Cory 0 votes 1 comment

    Optional check boxes that would be a saved preset per product for: 1- Adding shipping cost to shipsurance amount 2- Removing the $100 carrier insurance value from shipsurance amount [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipping Rules "IF:" Drop Down Needs Updated Fields

    David Lonardo 0 votes 3 comments

    For Shipping Rules: Looks like the dropdown for the "IF:" hasn't been updated with the current available database fields for orders in quite a while (since creation?).  Fields such as Email or Comments, which are grabbed by APIs and stored in the ShippingEasy DB, aren't listed in the dropdown.  Please update this drop-down with available fields so we can make rules based on the information in the orders.   We have two rules that we need to make and couldn't because of this... [ view more | comment ]

  • Ups express delivery

    Christian Whittier 0 votes 1 comment

    Does ups "express delivery next day air saver" deliver on holidays? [ view more | comment ]

  • Global Express Guaranteed. We need this option.

    Rachel Lessne 0 votes 2 comments

    As of now ShippingEasy does not offer the Global Express Guaranteed shipping method. The only way to ship a package using this method is to go to the post office or use USPS.com's Click n Ship tool. It would be great to have that method in ShippingEasy so we can do all of our shipping in the same place.    ShippingEasy is awesome and are so grateful our business uses it.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Drop Ship Tracking Notifications

    Chad 0 votes 1 comment Closed for comments

    A small percentage of my orders are drop shipments.  Currently I have to manually send tracking info to the customer, even though I can paste in the tracking number and shipping method on Shipping Easy to clear an order.   It would be extremely helpful if this was automated just as it is for Shipping Easy generated labels. [ view more | comment ]

  • Reporting Number of Boxes/Packages Shipped

    David Bussard 0 votes 1 comment

    We track the number of boxes shipped per day. We do this for employee scheduling purposes and productivity evaluation. Until recently, we have used FedEx Shipping Manager. We have just begun using Shipping Easy for shipping this week and are disappointed that the number of boxes shipped is not a reporting option.  So I now have to manually look at each packing slip and count the number of boxes shipped. Obviously, this is a very labor-intensive process. Please add the numb... [ view more | comment ]

  • SMTP Settings for E-Mails

    Ray 4 votes 7 comments

    Are there any plans to allow for users to enter SMTP settings so that e-mails are routed directly through the SMTP server of the user's choice? Currently, customers receive e-mail confirmations from "noreply@shippingeasy.com", which is ok since the reply-to address is the e-mail specified in the store settings. However, it would be much more seamless and professional if the shippingeasy.com domain was hidden from customers. It's possible that a few customers may be confus... [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipping rule to "Mark as Shipped"

    Ben 3 votes 3 comments

    title says it all.  if the order meets certain rules, then it is marked as shipped and moved out of the queue [ view more | comment ]

  • Show all shipping rates on 1 page

    Nidhi 1 vote 3 comments

    Could you show all rates on one page - priority, first class, parcel select, media, etc? This would help me decide which option to pick very quickly. [ view more | comment ]

  • Ability to change an order category after it has been imported

    Jim Hobart 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Allow user to change order category after it has been imported. This will really help with our workflow.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Allow Orders to be sorted by country or continent.

    zvincler 1 vote 5 comments Completed

    My office only ships to North and South America, but since our store is worldwide I see all of the worldwide orders and have no way of separating South American countries from European or Asian and have to manually look through hundreds of orders one by one to find what I'm looking for. [ view more | comment ]

  • Multiple Email recipients for Shipment Notification

    Adam Fugleberg 0 votes 1 comment

    We have many business customer that request we send a shipment notification to multiple recipients. I would like to see the option to enter more than one email for the customer so we do not have to use a work around outside of Shipping Easy. [ view more | comment ]

  • Flag for Shopify "Potential Fraud" to prevent shipping until it has been investigated

    Ashton Smith 2 votes 6 comments

    Using the Shopify fraud detection API call: GET /admin/orders/#{id}/risks/#{id}.json Creating a flag similar to the ShippingEasy "USPS Unable to verify address" triangle warning in ShippingEasy to prevent the shipping department from immediately processing an order and shipping on fraudulent sales.  We have had two recent issues where fraud was potentially present via an alert notification from Shopify, but the shipping department didn't have an indication to hold the orde... [ view more | comment ]

  • Mexico International Customs cannot be over $400.00 USD

    Stephen Dutka 0 votes 3 comments Closed for comments

    When Shipping Easy pulls my orders going to Mexico it puts the Mexican Dollars (MXD) into the declared value into customs form. The customs form is asking for the declared value in US Dollars (USD). The problem here is you cannot have a customs form with a declared value over $400 USD. So when there is a sale in MXD the amount is pulled and put into the declared value as if its a USD sale, Any item priced over $400.00 MXD gives us an error. This then forces us to do the ex... [ view more | comment ]

  • Charger International import tax and duties on a 3rd party FedEx account

    Ke Ke 3 votes 6 comments

    We can either set the sender or the recipient as the default payor for import tax and duties for FedEx international shipments, however, we cannot add a 3rd party FedEx account as the default payor, please consider adding this function for us. Thanks [ view more | comment ]

  • Put the package size or flat rate package type on the label

    Jason 0 votes 0 comments

    This would be helpful as the person managing to ship each order needs to manually make a decision on what package type to use. We have many box sizes and flat rate pacakges from USPS/ FEDEX.  When the packer see the box size or type on the label it will help make his job easier and faster. [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipping Rule for HS code per Destination

    David 1 vote 0 comments

    Different destination countries have specific codes based on the 6 digit HS code that are important to note on customs documents in order for them to classify them correctly for duties/taxes. So even though the 6 digit code is the same across destinations, specific countries add 2-4 digits on the end of that to create a full HTS code, since items within the same subheading (the 6 digit code) might have different duty rates when imported into that country. So it's important... [ view more | comment ]

  • Add option to show "SUBTOTAL" on PACKING SLIP templates.

    Matt 3 votes 8 comments

    There are multiple reasons why this would be helpful to our business. Often times, we need to log or record the total before shipping costs are added. Please add SUBTOTAL option to packing slips. Thank you [ view more | comment ]

  • Exact Shipping

    lauren howard 0 votes 0 comments

    It's 100% bologna that we can't pay exact shipping anymore. There was no warning of this new policy. I purchased enough shipping to cover my labels. I was then forced to complete a second postage purchase transaction, which of course had to be the minimum $10. So I've now wasted $10. It's absurd to force customers to purchase more postage than is necessary to mail their items. And if that's how you've arbitrarily decided it's now going to work, there should be a warning ab... [ view more | comment ]

  • Batch Amazon Prime Orders

    Chris 0 votes 3 comments Completed

    It is a MUST for our company to be able to Batch Amazon Prime Orders!! I understand that I am not able to edit an order but I have hundreds of Prime orders that go in the same box and I NEED to be able to batch them!!! It is a pain having to do each one separately when I can just do it once with all other orders.  I also need to be able to split an order. If someone orders 12 gallons of something and only 4 fit in a box, I need to be able to split it into 3 shipments, but ... [ view more | comment ]

  • Need Buyer Name Field

    Robert Schlein 1 vote 4 comments

    Sometimes the Ship To Name is different than the person who buys the product.   Thus, the email confirmation will have the recipient's name instead of the buyer's. Perhaps you need to enlarge your database to have a "Bill to" and "Ship To" name, addresses. [ view more | comment ]

  • Ampersand in shipping label

    Bill 0 votes 1 comment

    When we have a buyer who has used an ampersand in their name, for example "Bill & Linda Smith" or "Smith Plumbing & Heating", the label converts the & to HTML code, &.  It just looks wrong and weird to address the label to "Bill & Linda Smith".  Can we get this fixed to print the symbol instead of HTML, please? [ view more | comment ]

  • Origin ZIP code

    Kristine Lewis 1 vote 4 comments

    It would be great if I could switch origin zip codes while processing the order, rather than having to go through settings.  I'd particularly like that because depending on my day, if I miss my mail pickup I can drop off the packages at one of the PO's in the path that my errands take me.  The postal people can sometimes get snippy if I have the wrong origin.  Also, 9 times out of 10, after I've printed my labels with the different origin zip, I forget to set it back to my... [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipping Label from international country to the US.

    Monaco Motorsports 0 votes 1 comment

    Why is there no feature to make a label from another country to the US? This would be useful to dropshippers. Its possible to do it on USPS or UPS's own website, I don't see why that can't be reflected on ShippingEasy.  One of my suppliers is in Taiwan and I would like to use my discounts to create a label for them use to dropship my products to customers. We should be able to enter our suppliers address overseas as the "Ship From" address. ShipStation allows shipments com... [ view more | comment ]

  • Duplicate shipments report

    David Mobley 0 votes 1 comment

    Would like to see a feature to run a report  that shows all your orders you had to do a return or a duplicate shipment on.. [ view more | comment ]

  • FedEx PO Box Warning

    Amy Mendez 1 vote 4 comments

    For Fedex shipments with PO Box recipient addresses, can Shipping Easy please provide a warning or error message, prompting the user to update the shipping address? [ view more | comment ]

  • Prevent UPS ground shipping to PO Box

    Steven Howland 1 vote 12 comments

    We have had some instances where the shipping crew has shipped UPS Ground packages to PO Boxes. It's kind of an easy error to make since they aren't actually looking at the full addresses online, only name and town. But of course UPS ground does not delivery to PO Boxes. It would be great if you would build something into the system that would prevent this from happening. So basically if the customer address is a PO Box and the shipper chooses UPS ground, Shipping Easy wou... [ view more | comment ]

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