SKU on USPS International Labels

Hello, Please enable a feature that allows for the SKUs to be printed on the international labels. I use these to match up our packages with the correct labe...
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Shipping Rules New "IF" Options

Hello, Would it be possible to add the "$Shipping" as one of the options in the drop down for the "IF" conditions. We are wanting to add an Order Tag to our ...

Change origination zip code in the ready to ship page.

Our Ebay stores sell products that ship from more than one location. It would be very helpful if we could edit the "ship from zip code" in the ready to ship ...
  • Jeff Parks
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We might cancel our subscription because Magento 2 order to Amazon EU MCF function is missing

We have Magento 2 store and use Amazon MCF for order fulfillment. At the moment, we can do this with Amazon US store, but not EU. This is a very important fu...
  • Phoebe
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Ability to edit Order Total, Subtotal, ID, and Shipping Paid

I would love the ability to edit the following in Orders: Order ID Order Total Subtotal (incl. tax) Shipping Paid Order Date If I make a mistake when addin...
  • BreeAnn
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Not intuitive

I have never thought your order page and resulting button names and process made sense.  Definitely not intuitive. Now you have added a red buy label button....

Show Discount Code on Packing Slip

I would like my packing slip to display the discount code my customer used. Sometimes we will run promos where a customer spends $100 and can use a coupon c...
  • Joah Brown
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Order Upload process have 'SKU' as a required field instead of 'Item Name'

We run our inventory based off of SKUs, not item names. The order upload process is basically useless for me because it requires me to input an item name ins...

Amazon UAE (United Arab Emirates) Integration Request

Hey guys, Please add API integration with (United Arab Emirates or UAE). This is a new platform and they are actively recruiting sellers to fill th...
  • Yan Vilensky
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New splitting orders function

  Hello, you recently made a change to the split orders function in Shipping Easy.  I would like to change my software back to the old method....
  • Judy Masucci
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Modify orders details when you "Duplicate Shipment"

Hi, We'd like to be able to modify some of the details when you use the ship another feature.  As it is right now, if we use the "ship again" feature to cre...
  • Stan Weinstock
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New Feature for Ebay Orders

Al Feb 24, 5:09 PM CST   I have a request for a new feature.   I sell on Ebay.  I fulfill Ebay orders using Amazon FBA and I also fill orders ...
  • Al B/ Denise K Craig
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Customer or Internal Notes - More Obvious Indicator

We have noticed that some customer and/or internal notes are being missed when shipping orders. Currently there is a small conversation bubble that appears n...
  • Evan Meinerts
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Amazon Buy Shipping Services

Are there any plans to integrate Amazon Buy Shipping Services API with Shipping Easy on regular Amazon order and not just Prime orders?  We are a high Amazon...
  • Eddie Gonzalez
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UPS Economy

Is Shipping Easy working with UPS on API to be able to print International UPS Economy Labels?
  • Jesse Fisher
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Shipping Rule for HS code per Destination

Different destination countries have specific codes based on the 6 digit HS code that are important to note on customs documents in order for them to classif...

Charger International import tax and duties on a 3rd party FedEx account

We can either set the sender or the recipient as the default payor for import tax and duties for FedEx international shipments, however, we cannot add a 3rd ...

Integrate with Amazon Shipping

Amazon has a new shipping service. Please integrate with them soon.
  • Zia Malik
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Advance ship date to next BUSINESS date.

We prepare shipments in the evening and I have the option set to " Automatically Advance Ship Date After " with 3 pm as the value.  I was very surprised and ...

Modify Orders/Shipments Via CSV

I know ShippingEasy offers the ability to import orders via CSV, but ideally, one would be able to also modify specific fields once orders/shipments would al...
  • Peter Ramirez
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Shipsurance - Option boxes

Optional check boxes that would be a saved preset per product for: 1- Adding shipping cost to shipsurance amount 2- Removing the $100 carrier insurance value...

Shipping Rules "IF:" Drop Down Needs Updated Fields

For Shipping Rules: Looks like the dropdown for the "IF:" hasn't been updated with the current available database fields for orders in quite a while (since c...
  • David Lonardo
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Ups express delivery

Does ups "express delivery next day air saver" deliver on holidays?
  • Christian Whittier
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Global Express Guaranteed. We need this option.

As of now ShippingEasy does not offer the Global Express Guaranteed shipping method. The only way to ship a package using this method is to go to the post of...
  • Rachel Lessne
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Drop Ship Tracking Notifications

A small percentage of my orders are drop shipments.  Currently I have to manually send tracking info to the customer, even though I can paste in the tracking...

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Reporting Number of Boxes/Packages Shipped

We track the number of boxes shipped per day. We do this for employee scheduling purposes and productivity evaluation. Until recently, we have used FedEx Shi...
  • David Bussard
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Shipping rule to "Mark as Shipped"

title says it all.  if the order meets certain rules, then it is marked as shipped and moved out of the queue

Show all shipping rates on 1 page

Could you show all rates on one page - priority, first class, parcel select, media, etc? This would help me decide which option to pick very quickly.

Multiple Email recipients for Shipment Notification

We have many business customer that request we send a shipment notification to multiple recipients. I would like to see the option to enter more than one ema...
  • Adam Fugleberg
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Flag for Shopify "Potential Fraud" to prevent shipping until it has been investigated

Using the Shopify fraud detection API call: GET /admin/orders/#{id}/risks/#{id}.json Creating a flag similar to the ShippingEasy "USPS Unable to verify addre...
  • Ashton Smith
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