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  • Ebay Buyer ID

    Karrin 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Ebay User ID should be able to be placed on the Packing Slip. This is vital information that is already being pulled from ebay into shipping easy, so why not have it available on the packing slip. [ view more | comment ]

  • Add "bill to sender/recipient" to profile control for international COD

    Kurt Boyer 0 votes 0 comments

    I never pay import taxes/duties etc for my customers but creating new labels always defaults to bill sender. Either default to bill recipient for taxes or allow me to use the profile to make my own default. Thanks! [ view more | comment ]

  • surepost rates

    Happy Dog Food 0 votes 0 comments

    I would like to see the surepost rates in the browse window [ view more | comment ]

  • Printing labesl not in batches and based on the order they were selected

    Shoeflake 0 votes 0 comments

    I need to have my labels printed in the order they were selected, rather than based on the label type. In the "Ready to Ship" page, the orders display correctly in the order they were selected from the "Order" page as I have it saved in my Label Settings", however once the labels are selected, they are batched and printed by the label type (FedEx Home prints all together, FedEx Ground, USPS and FedEx SmartPost, and so on). This is very inconvenient... [ view more | comment ]

  • Exporting Orders

    Vince Lim 0 votes 2 comments

    Hi, exporting orders should be a fairly simple feature as (Shipstation currently already has it). We use 2 different 3PL and one of them will not handle ShippingEasy, so we have to separately download orders in excel form to upload into their system. I don't understand the reasoning between allowing csv upload but not csv export. Vince [ view more | comment ]

  • Dymo Twin Turbo

    Cindy Engbert 0 votes 0 comments

    I would love to be able to use Shipping Easy with my Twin Turbo. I currently use the Dymo label 99019. Is this option going to be available any time soon? [ view more | comment ]

  • Need SKU numbers on UPS labels

    Joe 0 votes 3 comments Answered

    My company has found the most efficient way to pack our shipments is to have the SKU number printed on the label.  This has been working great for the USPS shipments we've been doing.  However, we've negotiated rates with UPS and have started using them instead. UPS offers 2 reference lines at the bottom of the label.  You currently only use one of those - for the order number.   Can you please allow us to use the second line to put SKU's on just like the USPS allows? This... [ view more | comment ]

  • Required Fields for Manual Orders

    Curtis Stevens 0 votes 1 comment

    Allow us to specify which fields are required when creating a manual order.  Such as remove first & last name requirement.  I'm shipping to a lot of businesses and may not necessarily have or want to put a name down or last name more specifically. I'm shipping to small businesses so I may only have the first name and that's sufficient. [ view more | comment ]

  • Order details link for international orders does not show country

    Bill 0 votes 1 comment

    For international orders, we can't tell what country it is by just clicking on the order details link.  If its still in the Orders page the only way to get that information is to click on the edit icon or link.  From the Shipment History page the only way I have found to see that is to click on reprint and select the PDF option.  This is an important order detail for international orders and we should be able to easily see that without going through multiple steps to get t... [ view more | comment ]

  • User Specific Label Preferences

    emma 0 votes 1 comment

    The ability to select label preferences on a per user basis. I want to use a completely different type of printer and label layout for a new account, and make sure it does not mess anything up for the first account.    For example:  First user ships using a thermal printer with a centered 4 x 6 label on a roll of labels Second user ships using an inkjet printer with 2 labels on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper     [ view more | comment ]

  • Ability to generate commercial invoice for USPS international shipments

    John Kimble 1 vote 2 comments

    Some countries require a commercial invoice (in addition to normal USPS customs forms).  Specifically Germany and France.  It would be great to have the option to generate a commercial invoice for any international shipment, much like the capability that exists for UPS shipments. Additionally it would be good to have the ability to map it to the declared customs value (instead of the order total) or make it editable for a specific amount. [ view more | comment ]

  • Stitch Labs Order Notes

    Katie Seller 0 votes 1 comment

    The system is pulling the shipping method chosen by customer into shipping easy as a note. Which is confusing and doesn't distinguish between when there is an actual customer note or not. It's really throwing off my team. I sell on Shopify but had Stitch Labs hooked up to Shipping easy. Need an fix for this fast! Or pull 'shipping method' from orders into internal notes instead of customer comment since it's not. Please help ASAP.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Stamp printing with label

    Jacob Rowan Prusakiewicz 0 votes 2 comments

    I would like to be able to print a stamp with label to ship decals that are less than 1oz.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Optionally NOT marking orders as shipped when creating shipement

    William Madonna Jr. 0 votes 0 comments

    ShippingEasy has a checkbox option when we use the manual "Mark Order As Shipped"  feature that reads: "Update order status to 'Shipped' in my store"This is very helpful when we are creating a partial drop shipment.   For example:  Customer orders ItemA and ItemB.   ItemB is drop shipped direct from the warehouse to the customer, and ItemA is backordered for a few days.   We simply use the "Mark Order As Shipped" option to update the tracking ... [ view more | comment ]

  • Add Address Column to order page

    Peter Chien 0 votes 1 comment

    Right now if you click on the order number, it shows the address info but I can't copy it. As soon as I click it, the pop up disappears.  I would like to request to add a column for address, so I can see where the package is going or copy it easily to create necessary labels I need.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Auto print packing slip just like label once order is confirmed... and not 4x6

    Jesse 0 votes 2 comments

    Once I've confirmed details of an order and submit it, it auto prints the label the way I want but I also need a packing slip to print and not on 4x6. I have connecteasy setup with 2 different printers. Would be nice to have options to auto print and specify number of prints for the packing slip. We always print 2. 1 to go with the shipment and the other for our records. [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipping History additional information

    Patrick 1 vote 2 comments

    It would benefit us to be able to see the shipped weight in the shipping history for all packages (even flat rate ones).   Is that something that can be added? [ view more | comment ]

  • Need more reporting features

    Jasmine 0 votes 2 comments

    We're finding the reporting section to be rather difficult and time consuming as we track our warehouse user accounts based on their shipment quantity performance (how many shipments they get out daily), and need to be able to reference back to specific orders on which user shipped it.  Going through reports means we cannot separate per user and instead have to explore everyone, sort, and then count their daily shipments. In addition, if we have to go back and reference an... [ view more | comment ]

  • Defaults fluctuate and can cost you

    Kirk 1 vote 1 comment

    When shipping international. If we select DHL these are the defaultsBill shipment to: - senderBill customs duties paid by: - recipientIf we select FedEx these are the defaultsBill shipment to: - senderBill customs duties paid by: - sender because of this we sent out many packages billed customs duties to sender when shipping FedEx international. Defaults need to be the same.  We feel they should both be recipient.   [ view more | comment ]

  • Menu Scroll Lock Function

    Travis 0 votes 2 comments

    It would be nice if you can have the menu stay locked at the top of the screen so that when you are going through a lot of orders you can select multiple orders or even a single order and add a category or ship it without having to scroll back up to the top of the screen to do this. [ view more | comment ]

  • Amazon void/cancel/re-issue shipping label, triggers a flag.

    Joshua 2 votes 1 comment

    At the moment Amazon does not allow Shipping Easy (SE) to modify tracking after it has been issued.  Great pain is felt when you need to change the shipping weight or service, as it is a two step process within SE and then you have to manually copy and paste the NEW tracking number over to Amazon.   If you forget that last step, you are setting yourself up for a customer's wrath as there shipment will not track. As a work around, could we please trigger a FLAG in the Shipm... [ view more | comment ]

  • crop

    Eghan Thompson 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    your label is set up with no boarder and gets cut off by my printer.  lame.  no problems elsewhere.(etsy) [ view more | comment ]

  • Multi Ship To

    Mark Tvedte 0 votes 1 comment

    Posted in the wrong area apparently https://support.shippingeasy.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000013786-Multi-Ship-To We receive orders that have multiple shipping addresses, but when they are imported from 3d cart, it treats it as if it is all going to one address.  How do we get it to import a multi ship to order correctly? [ view more | comment ]

  • Shippingeasy adding condition and sku in the title

    Derrick Ryel 1 vote 1 comment

    We print our packing slips to put in the package and having the Sku generate into the title, and item condition from eBay orders, We think looks terrible, when the sku is on the line item for each product. The same with Amazon we do not need a condition note in the title. Clean it up! [ view more | comment ]

  • Easily identify shipments that have been received that day

    Larry Spencer 0 votes 2 comments

    It would be nice on the shipping history page to show by a different color checkmark the shipments that were received "TODAY". Also, an option to mark manually that a shipment was received. [ view more | comment ]

  • Copy & Paste Customer Info

    Derrick Ryel 0 votes 1 comment

    In the ordes section when you click the blue order number and the screen pops up with customer info, if you are able to copy and paste that info or the screen stays open until you close it that would be great so we can paste the info into our POS system. [ view more | comment ]

  • Ability to send different email notifications for local pickup/dropship/manual shipping methods

    Christina 1 vote 3 comments

     Hi, I would love to see an addition to shipping easy where you could quickly "complete" shipments & send specific customer notification emails based on rules or chosen shipping method  For example; as of right now, the only way to check completed orders that are local pick up or use a unique shipping method is to either delete them out, or mark as complete (which marks them as drop shipped). However, neither of those options send an email confirmation to our... [ view more | comment ]

  • Integration with NetSuite

    Kim 0 votes 2 comments

  • List Of Items and Bundles

    tim simpson 1 vote 0 comments

    If you added the location in this list, it would really be great [ view more | comment ]

  • Packing Slip Footer (or Header) needs the Order Number

    Steve Mayfield 1 vote 1 comment

    As our customers start to purchase more items, our packing slips are now going to 2 and 3 pages. There is nothing on Pages 2 or 3 that tell you which order that sheet belongs to.  Once separated from page 1 ..... The Header or Footer needs identification and we don't have access to that in the Packing Slip Editor [ view more | comment ]

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