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  • Woocommerce Plugin

    Hugh Varange 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Hi guys A feature request please. Here's the problem: I changed from the Woocommerce plugin to the integration as it is now. It has one problem though: it doesn't do push notifications. This means that if I set the order status to Processing in Woocommerce, ShippingEasy will only know about it the next day, which is not very good in many circumstances.  I do understand that if you allow users to do a "Sync" manually and have it check the Woocommerce store for Ord... [ view more | comment ]

  • Shipping Easy Bonanza Integration

    Julia B (PC Minerals) 0 votes 1 comment Closed for comments Completed

     I am thinking of opening a store on Bonanza and am wondering if there has been any further discussion on connecting Shipping Easy with Bonanza?  I have seen other discussions on the thread about this but haven't seen any changes yet on Shipping Easy so just wondering if it is being discussed or if it is a no go. Thank you! Julia :-) [ view more | comment ]

  • Is it possible to integrate in netsuite with shipping Easy.

    Netscoretest 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    Hi Users, Is it possible to Integrate in Netsuite    [ view more | comment ]

  • Add Option to PayPal Integration for Sent vs Paid Invoices

    Amanda 1 vote 0 comments

    Currently, invoices are synced from PayPal to ShippingEasy as soon as they're created. This should be changed to "as soon as they're paid." The order should not show up in ShippingEasy until it's been paid and is ready to ship. Hence the status "Awaiting Payment" vs "Awaiting Shipment" I don't want orders "Awaiting Payment" and not ready to be shipped showing up in my shipping program queue, looking like they're awaiting shipment. Th... [ view more | comment ]

  • Integration With 24Seven Commerce

    Irshad 0 votes 0 comments

    We are getting started to integrate our store with 24Seven Commerce, I need to know how soon can shippingeasy have this option. thanks [ view more | comment ]

  • Woo Commerce integration : Item name

    Stéphane Schneider 0 votes 0 comments

    My customer recently transferred from Shopify into Woo Commerce. I used to have an Item description looking like : Urban Step gray 38 medium I now have the following : Urban Step, pa_product-color: gray, pa_shoe-size: 38, pa_shoe-width: medium, Backordered: 1 Is there any way I can choose how the attributes are mapped by shipping easy when the orders are downloaded? Another option would be for Shipping easy to suppress the pa_xxx attribute name when mapping the attributes. [ view more | comment ]

  • APV Fees

    Cindy 0 votes 1 comment

    Would like to see what APV fees are without having to navigate Endicia and try to figure it out there.  A tab right beside the cost we thought it would be would be great.  This would allow us to adjust the shipping we are charging to customers to reflect our actual cost and determine how we got it wrong.  Would love to see this before the Christmas season hits.   [ view more | comment ]

  • Return Magic Integration

    Robert Staddon 2 votes 3 comments

    We have installed Return Magic (https://apps.shopify.com/returnmagic) on our online store to help us track and manage our returns. It's the highest-rated return management app for Shopify and allows the customer to easily initiate a return based on a preset policy, print a prepaid shipping label, and track the status of a return. More and more stores appear to be using it (https://medium.com/return-magic/return-magic-handles-10-000th-return-thanks-to-shopify-748687c88ae4).... [ view more | comment ]

  • Hello, there are no Shipping Carriers

    alexlii 0 votes 1 comment

    Hello, I am from China, and I do not found shipping carriers in China, any plan to do that?   Thanks    Alex [ view more | comment ]

  • Adding "Class" as a mapping option to Quickbooks Desktop Sync

    Levi 0 votes 1 comment Answered

    I know this can be done as we I have modified a previous syncing program from Woocommerce to Quickbooks.  An example screenshot below of class = "Web". Ideally, a different class would be available based on the different store integrations (I have 4 Woocommerce + eBay + Amazon) <ClassRef> <!-- optional --> <ListID >IDTYPE</ListID> <!-- optional --> <FullName >STRTYPE</FullName> <!-- optional --> </ClassRef> [ view more | comment ]

  • Wix integration

    Corina 1 vote 9 comments Answered

    Is Wix integration up yet???  Please let me know ASAP, I have orders waiting. [ view more | comment ]

  • PrestaShop 1.7.1

    Aldin K. 0 votes 1 comment

    Let's get Shipping Easy compatible with PrestaShop 1.7.1. All those in favor say AYE :-). [ view more | comment ]

  • Overstock.com

    Sunbeninventory 0 votes 4 comments

    please add overstock.com for direct integration.  Thanks! [ view more | comment ]

  • Do you support Emerge?

    Navya 0 votes 1 comment

    I am using Emerge App for inventory management  https://emergeapp.net  They support multi-channel inventory management with amazon, ebay, shopify.  I sell both on eBay and Shopify and I use them for services.  I wanted to know if you guys support them?  [ view more | comment ]

  • Support processing FBA orders within ShippingEasy

    Moshe Friedman 0 votes 5 comments Answered

    Support processing FBA orders within ShippingEasy. If I receive an order on my website allow the option to fulfil order with my inventory stored at FBA fulfillment center. [ view more | comment ]

  • Zapier integration

    Jami Morton 4 votes 4 comments Closed for comments

    Need a Zapier integration so I can dump my customer data from Stripe to create an order in ShippingEasy. It would also be great to have a Zap that creates a notification in Slack too.  [ view more | comment ]

  • Please add integration with Houzz.com

    Raymond 3 votes 4 comments Closed for comments

    Hi,  We sell quite a lot of products on houzz.com. It has become a pain to do the shipping manually. Could you please add houzz.com integration to your platform? Thanks -ray [ view more | comment ]

  • amazon.co.jp integration request (Amazon's Marketplace for Japan)

    Grant 1 vote 1 comment

    Requesting an integration with amazon.co.jp. (Japan) ShippingEasy currently has integrations with the North American Marketplaces (amazon.com, amazon.ca and amazon.com.mx) and Europe (amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it and amazon.es) so Japan should be the next marketplace to add as the third largest economy in the world. [ view more | comment ]

  • Feature Request - Bonanza Integration

    Michael Effendi 0 votes 2 comments Closed for comments Completed

    hi please consider integrating with Bonanza thank you [ view more | comment ]

  • Geekseller Integration to Walmart & Jet

    Michael Effendi 0 votes 2 comments

    Hi, could you please work with Geekseller so I can import my Amazon and Jet orders to Shipping Easy? So far I have to do CSV export and import which is quite troublesome. Thank you. [ view more | comment ]

  • Zoho CRM integration

    Jesus de la Fuente 0 votes 7 comments

    Hi,   I would like to suggest to include Zoho CRM Sales Orders integration into ShippingEasy.  Please, consider it in your roadmap. Thank you. [ view more | comment ]

  • DHL Rates quoted correctly for account

    Stylus Sling 0 votes 1 comment Answered

     Hello, It would be nice to see the actual rates DHL charges for international shipments within ShippingEasy. This rate would be pulled from the user's DHL account, so it is specific to each user. Without this feature, it's a guess/estimate on ShippingEasy's part. This guess can be about $15 more than what DHL charges, so it's hard to use currently. [ view more | comment ]

  • integration with UPS canada

    Peter Chien 0 votes 1 comment

    right now we can only integrate with UPS with US account.  We are based in Canada and use UPS Canada. It would be great if we could integrate it as well.    Thanks. [ view more | comment ]

  • Option for sender to pay duties for international UPS shipments

    Chris Egle 0 votes 0 comments

    It would be great to have this as a per-shipment option. I would also be okay with it being done in the UPS integration settings. [ view more | comment ]

  • Groupon E-Commerce Store

    Mike 4 votes 8 comments

    Groupon is offering an easy to set-up E-commerce store.  I was able to get mine set-up in less than an hour.  Once approved, that took a week, I began taking 1-3 orders per day. It's great right now and no competition for my product and the way they monitor who and what you are selling I hope to hold this category!   I now use the ShippingEasy CSV to import the orders but it would be so much better if you would integrate into the Groupon store so that orders come in automa... [ view more | comment ]

  • Add GSO (Golden State Overnight) as a Carrier

    Derek Bromley 0 votes 3 comments

    I am new to ShippingEasy but like everything I see so far.  I've set up my carrier accounts, but the one that is not available (and is an important player on the West Coast, particularly above 5-10 lb shipments) is GSO.  It will be a real bummer to manage all of my non-GSO shipments and fulfillment in ShippingEasy, then have to go to gso.com to manage those shipments separately.  Have other customers asked for this yet?  Is this a possibility? [ view more | comment ]

  • Toys R Us

    tiffany 0 votes 1 comment

    Is there any mention or word on whether or not SE will be compatible with Toys R Us? [ view more | comment ]

  • ShippingEasy should seek Hazmat approved shipments via UPS.

    John Mazzella 0 votes 1 comment

    Being warned by USPS that they will no longer accept laptop batteries in 2017 so we are making plans to switch to UPS. Unfortunately being told by UPS that ShippingEasy is not an approved shipping platform for shipping our laptop batteries with are a class 9 Hazmat item . We really like the software and its integration with our store, but as we only ship laptop batteries it is looking likely that we will not be able to shipping easy any more.  I really hope we can stay wit... [ view more | comment ]

  • specific and custom Package names and products on Lables

    Elliot 0 votes 1 comment

    hi, currently, the only package types that show up on USPS labels are the flat rate and regiona boxes. on ups it just shows you the dimensions it would help if in both these labels the specific package type you selected shows up on the label even for flat and regional rate boxes (i.e. regional A, B, Flat Rate Meduim) there are two version of these types of boxes. There A1 and A2, B1 and B2,, and medium flat rate had a long one and short one. same goers for a few other boxe... [ view more | comment ]

  • Support for Handmade on Amazon

    Cobweb Corner 2 votes 8 comments

    It appears that most Amazon Sellers can use ShippingEasy - but I sell on Handmade on Amazon and that is not supported.  Would love to have the ability to have all of my selling venues supported by ShippingEasy. [ view more | comment ]

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