Mystery Shippingeasy fees / sapping of funds...?


So I've been on shippingeasy for well over a year, and now TWICE I've gone negative on my balance mysteriously, and I look at all the charges and how much money I've put in and there's no way it's gone negative, something fishy.

First I'll note that I have never been able to buy postage if I don't have enough money in my balance. So I actually did the math, and what I see after all the money I added to my shippingeasy balance compared to the amount of postage purchased, and it came to a supposed positive balance, but the balance I have reflects some mystery loss of funds. I can't see ANY other charges or fees that would cause this negative balance, it just randomly would show it one day when I'd login. This has happened TWICE now; the first time I shrugged it off, thought maybe I overbought, but realized later that I CANNOT buy postage if the balance is too low for the postage I am attempting to buy. Again it happens and now I see a pattern starting. I will not stand for it. I've posted a report with BBB by the way because I couldn't find any actual official support requests(kinda fishy), only this community forum. So now I am curious, has anyone else experienced this mysterious sapping of funds in their shippingeasy balance?

BTW if any shippingeasy rep sees this, please look into it and fix it, and return my money.... I do have the screenshots and did the math, so it is provable.

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