Option to not Import "Local Pickup" Shopify orders


Shopify "local pickup" orders that do not have a shipping address listed even are imported into my orders list on ShippingEasy

I've accidentally shipped them (a few times to the wrong address as their billing address they used that Shipping easy imported wasn't their local address.) 

I'm honestly thinking about just using shopify to ship if an option to automatically NOT import "Local Pickup" (under the Req. Service tab) isn't removed. Or at the very least make it so there is some sort of "there is no shipping address listed" warning or SOMETHING.



Thank you for taking the time to post on the forum. The order can be marked with an order status of "Hold" and ShippingEasy will not import the order in.

Reference: Shopify Order Data

Another alternative would be to create a Shipping Rule to clear the order based on the Conditions set.

Create a Shipping Rule

Shipping Rules Conditions & Actions

Please contact support if you have any further questions.

Happy Shipping! 


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