Shopify Tags and Shipping Rules


I've been trying to figure this out and havn't found a clear answer, but have been wondering if the following is possible.


Is it possible to have an order from Shopify sync with Shipping Easy. and then change the order tag of the Shopify order, have this order tag be updated in Shipping Easy with a sync. And once it's updated in ShippingEasy trigger a shipping rule that creates the shipping label for that order.

Any help would be appreciated thanks!


Hi Jacob,

Thanks for posting to our forum!

I checked with the Product Team and the Shopify tags would not update back to ShippingEasy if they are updated on the store platform.

I recommend posting your request in our Feature Request forums. Posting there puts your request in front of the Product Team and also allows you to receive an email when the enhancement has been prioritized and/or released.  Here is the link to our forums: 

If you are still interested in Shipping Rules then I recommend referencing these guides:

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