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Shipping Easy is an extraordinary partner in helping us run our small business.  We appreciate all aspects of your service and are so grateful for the tools and the talented support staff who are there to help us be our best.

I wanted to share that there is an opportunity to help us even more and that is in creating Manual orders. We haven’t reached a volume where automatically transferring information from our web site is something we need and don’t want to invest developer time to install. 

The steps to create a manual order allowing us to take advantage of adding tags which trigger specific confirmation letters is laborious.  Here are the steps


Create Manual order 

Enter customer name to see if it is already in customer address list

If yes, note weight and purchase label. Do a happy dance!!


If not in customer address list:

Copy and Paste name, address, email and phone number information into the Ship to box.

 Customer information from my woocommerce site  is available like this:

Adrxxx Stol
999 3rd Street
Le Sueur, MN  56052


Tel: 555-555-1234

Cut and paste email information  into the noted space

Cut and paste Telephone  number into the noted space

Delete words “Email:” and “Tel:” from the copied order information

Parse remaining name and address information

Check save to customer addresses box

Create order

Remove order

Open Settings

Open customer addresses

Locate recently added contact which could be on page 1 – 3

Select edit this address

Add tag description for this customer

Return to create manual order

Enter name in saved addresses

Note weight of item and create order

I realize that I could just enter the new address in the Customer Addresses but then would need to enter each line without your slick “Parse address” feature.

So… I know this is a long explanation of my situation but wanted you to know that by adding the ability to assign tags when creating manual orders, my life would be markedly improved.  I hope that you add this to your ways to improve customer experience list.


Even just manually entering an order under QUICK SHIP could really be improved. Currently you have to Enter "Mary" for first name and then "and Frank Smith" for last name or "Mary" for First name "and Frank" for last name and "Smith" for company name. SO you have to open up the detailed screen - cannot just enter Mary and Frank Smith. If you do, the label only prints "Mary Smith" when the package SHOULD go to both Mark and Frank. This seems lengthy and inefficient, especially since it is all under "Quick Ship"!

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