Shopify In-Store Pickup Orders Not Detected


When using the In-Store Pickup feature native to Shopify Plus, there does not seem to be any way (nor any workaround) in order to get ShippingEasy to detect when an order is an 'In-Store Pickup' order versus an order than needs to be shipped to the customer.

We have even attempted to use the Shopify Plus feature, Shopify Flow, in order to tag orders that are in-store pickup orders, though ShippingEasy's webhooks pull in the order immediately and it is unable to receive the properly-tagged orders since Shopify Flow tags them after the order has been created (within 1 minute or so).

Please create a functionality that will allow us to create a rule that will automatically clear any orders which are in-store pickup orders, based on the information passed to you from Shopify via their webhooks.

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