Need Help canceling a shipment and double billed!


I purchased a label this morning and it does not reflect the amount I selected for insurance so I need to cancel it.

1. It does not show up in my history or anywhere on my page. How do I cancel it?

2. I need to ship three of the same boxes to the same destination. How do I get three labels without generating three separate orders?

3. When I bought the postage $600, the program DOUBLE charged me! How do I cancel the 2nd charge???

As always, so frustrating trying to get help here. Its imperative this 2nd charge is elminated asap given how much its for.

 Thank you for any insight.


Finally the sale showed up and I cancelled it but it still looks like I'm double billed for $600.

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Hello Lonny,

I apologize for the delay in response, I've reached out to you via email to assist with this.

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