Parse Custom Fiedl 1 in Magento


Extremely frustrated.

ShippingEasy is already configured to receive "custom field 1" data with an order. This "custom_1" data is critical for automatically filtering orders via shipping rules. When you go to shipping rules you can see "Custom Field 1" as an option to create the shipping rules. We are using Magento 2 and we were told we can not use this "Custom Field 1" with our Magento 2 integration. We spent hundreds of dollars to have a developer pass this additional value with our order data only to be told that ShippingEasy Magento integration will not parse this aditional field! All we ask is that you parse the custom fields or tag fields with the Magento integation. All of the functionality afte rthat is already built in!

Our only other option is to use the SE API store which according to our developer will be problematic to integrate it to Magento 2 because they do not have event composer installation and code was tested on very old PHP versions. His recommendation was adding the required parameters to Magento API and service will be able to access them as they do for any other parameter.

Magento 2.3 has a Multi Source Inventory (MSI) feature where multiple warehouses can be used to determine which one an order should ship from.

We only need ShippingEasy to ship orders fromour California warehouse. We need to pass the origin attribute as "custom_1" so that we can create shipping rules that clear all orders not from the California warehouse.

I have been back and forth with your support team for a month. There is no other option to automatically clear orders not from California via some identifiable order info. Custom Field 1 or tag must be used.

So please simply parse this additional value for Magento like you are doing for your other integrations so we can utilize the new features of Magento 2.3.

It doesn't make sense for us to spend thousands of dollars developing an entirely new module when all that needs to be done is parsing an additional filed that already exists on your end for other integrations!



Thanks for taking the time to post on our forum. We have documented your request. If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post. 

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