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I generate reports on a monthly basis (Complete Shipping Report) and it's super helpful since I'm working with 40+ stores at a time! But unfortunately I've noticed that the report does not distinguish between active labels, and cancelled ones. For example: one customer had their order shipped (I generated a label) and then immediately noticed the address was wrong! So I cancelled the first label, duplicated it with the new address, and shipped the package with that info.

The problem is, when I'm looking at my monthly reports, both of those shipments appear, and there's no indication of which one was cancelled. I could of course look this up in ShippingEasy, but sometimes with the volume of orders we're shipping per month, I forget which orders were cancelled.

It would be awesome if there was a field/label/column in the Complete Shipping Report that noted the status, so I'm not recording an expense that no longer applies because it's been cancelled.


Thanks so much!



Thank you for taking the time to post on our forum.  The Complete Shipping Report includes data on all shipments stored in ShippingEasy within a specified date range.

Shipments included in the Complete Shipping Report

  • Orders shipped within ShippingEasy
  • Orders marked as drop-shipped.
  • Amazon Fulfillment Network shipments.

In some cases, however, no data will be displayed. 

  • No data is reported for shipments that have been cancelled.
  • If the shipment does not have data (tracking, insurance, etc.) the cell will not have information.

What data is included in the Shipping Report - Complete Shipping Report?

Would you mind reaching out to our support team with an example report that shows cancelled shipment information and they can get this escalated?


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Thank you! I have actually spoken to the support team, and they said that since there's no way for cancelled shipments to be specifically called out, that I should submit a request for that feature to be added.

I'm hoping other people encounter the same issue, and we can get this fixed!

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Thanks for the reply. I can see this was mentioned in May with one of our advisors, but there are no examples for our team to review and escalate with our team. 

Our documentation and test accounts show that cancelled shipments are not shown. 

We would love to look into this further if you have the chance. Please just content our phone or chat team and reference this post!  Once our developers review the information, we can update the documentation if needed. 


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