How to add signature confirmation to UPS shipment

I created a rule per the instructions to add Adult signature confirmation to shipments when destination country is not US. I create a shipment to Canada using UPS OneBalance. It says it applied the rule but the price is the same as it was before I created the rule so I’m thinking it is not marking it as signature required. How do I add the signature requirement and how do I confirm that it is added? Also, is there a way to add the Direct Delivery option to UPS shipments?

Hello there,

Thanks for posting on our community forums! From what I currently see, we do not offer signature on international shipments using UPS One Balance. However, I know we're rolling out more functionality on a weekly basis, I just haven't heard of this feature in the immediate pipeline.

For direct delivery to UPS shipments, I don't see that we have that functionality available for UPS but I'm happy to submit a feature request for our developers to look into adding that functionality.

I hope this helps!

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