INR - Item Not Received


This is a new feature request.  I'd like to see an INR button added to the interface so that we can record the address/shipment as having not been received.  As you collect INR data on your millions of shipments you could at some point, provide a red/yellow/green rating on persons and addresses.  This value added feature could help shippers to determine how to ship items (e.g. signature required).

INR is a pretty big problem in the eCommerce space.  Only intermediary's like Shipping Easy or the post office are able to aggregate metrics on individuals/addresses because you share data with lots of shippers.

Another Feature Request - 'Bad Address'

I ship to a fair number of 'bad addresses' that don't validate, yet those shipments arrive for whatever reason.  I always lookup the address on Google Maps and/or Zillow to see if an address exists. I only ship if I can find the address on a map (yet another feature enhancement would be to an icon or link to open another window and lookup the address on

It would be nice to be able to mark 'bad addresses' as bad (INR or Returned to Sender).  This would require some sort of disposition on a shipment (e.g. so that I can mark the package as being returned or not received).  That data could be used on "subsequent shipments" to the same address to provide a visual queue that the address has been used in the past with success (thus saving time by not having to research the address).

These are small feature requests that would require one or two integer database fields in the database.  Such features could be offered to higher volume accounts helping to differentiate the price tiers.  Features like these could easily be turned on or off by the end user.

I get 3-10 bad address a day.  I'm looking for ways to speed order processing to these adddresses.

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