Amazon Order ID's need to sych with ShippingEasy dashboard


Amazon Order ID does not show up on ShippingEasy. After an order is sent for Drop shipping to Amazon MCF/FBA, there is no easy way for us to locate those orders on the Amazon dashboard. 

When an order is sent to Amazon MCF/FBA, an arbitrary ID number is assigned. This number does not show up on the ShippingEasy side and therefore, it's very difficult to correlate, match up and search for orders between the two systems. 


Hi Stefan, 

Thank you for taking the time to post on our forum. This sounds like a number outside of the order number correct? Would you be able to give us more feedback as to what this number looks like (a screenshot would be ideal) and how this number is used versus the order number? This will give our product team a little more insight into why this would be a useful feature. 


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Thanks for helping out.

I believe you call it 'ID number for MCF order'. I'm referring to the number that appears on Amazon's Manage Order (i.e. order search) section after the order has been sent there by ShippingEasy. It's an arbitrary number assigned to all MCF orders sent to Amazon. 

When we send an order to MCF using ShippingEasy, this number is assigned by Amazon. This number is the only convenient way which we can search for MCF orders, within Amazon, that have been sent by ShippingEasy. This number appears on Amazon for the MCF order, but it does not appear or get passed back to ShippingEasy. Amazon allows us to search for orders using this order ID. Currently, the only way we can actually locate MCF orders sent in by ShippingEasy, on Amazon, is by trying to narrow down the date range and then trying to click on each order to see the details and then matching it up to the data in ShippingEasy. You can imagine with hundreds of orders per day, it becomes a huge headache trying to locate orders.

I've attached a screenshot of an example order from our ShippingEasy dashboard. Another screenshot shows the search screen on Amazon with this MCF order created, and the last screenshot shows the order details within Amazon for that MCF order. I've marked the ID number in a red square.

To summarize, if ShippingEasy can show the number that's marked in red square within the ShippingEasy dashboard/order details, as per above, this would alleviate a lot of wasted time. 

NOTE: I have tried to search using 'buyer's email' option within Amazon, but it does not appear to be working. This is the only other possible solution to search for but it does not work. 









I hope this is a feature that can be rolled out soon. Ecomdash, a service we currently use offers this function so it came as a surprise that ShippingEasy does not have this built in.


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