Mexico International Customs cannot be over $400.00 USD - 1 Year Later


I opened a case about this around 1 year ago. Is there any time frame for an update. Its the most annoying this to have to do for every order. Shipping Easy is no longer saving me time.

When Shipping Easy pulls my orders going to Mexico it puts the Mexican Dollars (MXD) into the declared value into customs form. The customs form is asking for the declared value in US Dollars (USD). The problem here is you cannot have a customs form with a declared value over $400 USD. So when there is a sale in MXD the amount is pulled and put into the declared value as if its a USD sale, Any item priced over $400.00 MXD gives us an error. This then forces us to do the exchange rate by hand and type the correct, under $400 USD amount into the customs form. A large chunk of my shipments going to Mexico cannot use the previously selection feature because of this error.

A simple fix would to have Shipping Easy do the conversion for us.

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