Longstanding Search Issues


I've reported this issue on the phone and in chat on previous occasions and I am now airing my concern her in the forum.  The "search" function in the upper right of the interface is borken in my humble opinion.  I say that it is broken because we're not able to search for names that have a middle initial (e.g. William J Smith).  And we're not able to search for business addresses (e.g. ABC Consulting Group).  The lack of an ability to search on more sophisticated names is a serious flaw that makes ShippingEasy difficult to use.  Roughly 1 in 15 of my orders have a middle initial.  As such, 15% of my orders cannot be found using search.  If I search for "Smith" there are no results.  If I search for "William J Smith" there are no results.  I can search for the first name "William" but this often times brings back too many records.

I'd like to know if you have plans to fix this problem or to provide a more sophisticated advanced search option.  If you are unable to fix this issue I'll need to move to ShipStation who has better order search logic.  I'm a longtime customer and I'm pretty happy with ShippingEasy.  This is my only issue.

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