Change origination zip code in the ready to ship page.


Our Ebay stores sell products that ship from more than one location. It would be very helpful if we could edit the "ship from zip code" in the ready to ship page so the postage paid accurately reflects the actual zip code. It's not practical to keep going into the store setting and changing the ship from zip code entry. For example, if we have 50 orders from multiple Ebay stores that will all ship from zip code A but when the orders are pulled in to the ready to ship page 5 or 10 orders are showing they will ship from the zip code B because the stores where those orders came in from have zip code B assigned in the "ship from zip code" field. An item in one of stores could potentially ship from more than one location so the "one size fits all" approach of aligning one zip code per store really doesn't work. Our shippers need the flexibility to properly assign the correct "ship from" zip codes on the fly sometimes. Otherwise we're paying potentially incorrect postage amounts and creating more scan sheets than are actually needed.

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