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I have just completed two domestic USPS shipments.

One of them includes an error so I was hoping to be able to cancel it through the Shipment History overview, however none of the shipments I have made appear there nor can I search for them... Anyone have any idea?


Hi Zachary, 

Thanks for posting in our forum. We can see two orders created today on your Shipment History page. Please make sure to RESET the filters on the left side. 

Why am I missing shipments on my SHIPMENT HISTORY page?

Once the order with the error is located, that shipment can be canceled for a refund and a unique duplicate label created if the label information needs to be corrected.

Cancel Shipping Label via ShippingEasy | How To

How to: Create a unique duplicate label

Once the label is canceled, it initiates the refund process with the postage carrier for USPS. The refund will be applied back to the balance in 10-15 business days. 

Hope this helps!

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