Setting up store


I just signed up with Shipping Easy.

I'm trying to connect my store. I am with Wix.

That is not an option of choices(of numerous).

How do I set up my store?


Hi John,

Thank you for posting to our forums!

We currently do not have a direct integration with Wix. Our full list of integrations and partners can be found here:

I will note that you could still use ShippingEasy and import those orders with a simple CSV upload tool or add orders one-at-a-time.
We also provide an open API so that you can integrate platforms which are not otherwise supported (so long as you have a developer of your own who can set this up). 

Everything for our open API is linked in the article below:
How do I access ShippingEasy's open API to build a custom integration?

Otherwise, I recommend posting your request in our Feature Request Forums. Posting there puts your request in front of the Product Team and also allows you to receive an email when the product enhancement has been prioritized and/or released. 

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Thanks Melody. Very helpful with the CSV tip. I'm going to try that since I too use Wix for my online store.


EDIT: I tried the CSV upload - can't do it under the free subscription! So we have to be with a paid subscription to upload CSVs. Bummer. So that tip is out, what else? 

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Hi Marvin,

For the Starter plan, I recommend manual orders via this process:  How to Add a Manual Order

Please also post your integration request in our Feature Request Forums so you can receive an update on that.

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