Order Upload process have 'SKU' as a required field instead of 'Item Name'


We run our inventory based off of SKUs, not item names. The order upload process is basically useless for me because it requires me to input an item name instead of giving me the option to either put in the item name or the item sku.

I need the order upload process to function in the same way as when I manually upload an order - When adding a manual order I can type in the SKU of the product and then can select that one and it will automatically populate the item name for the order.

This is a very basic way to handle inventory and it should be an option to upload via csv using only Item SKU instead of Item Name being required.


Hi Ten3, 

Thanks for taking the time to post on our forum! To make sure I am understanding the request correctly, are you referring to the Order CSV upload?

Currently, that upload requires Item Name and the SKU is an additional option that can be attached. 

Uploading Orders via CSV

Are you wanting the SKU field to replace the Item Name or in addition?

My only concern is that some merchant and store platforms do not require a SKU, so this field is left out as a 'required' field, but still an additional data field option for the CSV uploads.

Is there a suggested workaround for merchants that do not have a SKU?





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Thanks for getting back to me. Yes you are correct, I am referring to the Order CSV upload process.

My best suggestion for making the SKU and/or Item Name option work is as follows:

Have it work similarly to the 'Full Name' vs 'First and last name' fields. If only the item name is filled in, then the Item SKU doesn't need to be filled in; and if the Item SKU is filled in, then the Item Name doesn't need to be filled in. And then if only one of them is filled in, then the system could automatically fill in the other field with whatever is in the product catalog. And if both fields are filled in, then those user input values would override what is in the product catalog (either override the Name or make a new SKU).

This would allow merchants without a SKU to function as normal, and it would allow merchants with SKUs to function as we expect. Both options would allow for the one known piece of information to be entered and then have the ShippingEasy system pull in the other information from the product catalog. And it would allow for a user to manually override the product catalog (just like the current options allow) by entering in an Item SKU and still choosing a random Item Name to be assigned on the order instead of pulling in the catalog name.


Honestly I am kind of confused that SE requires an item SKU to be made for each item, but doesn't require that to be the main form of inventory tracking - that would be the industry standard to have some sore of identifier track inventory instead of a product name.

Your inventory system does requires each item to have a SKU, so I am confused why any merchants would not be using SKUs... Really anyone who is uploading an order to SE should have a SKU available to them because SE requires it when making a new item. Currently for us we have to add in a dummy item name to our order uploads so that the upload will process, if a merchant who does not have a SKU on their marketplace who needs to fulfill an order, couldn't they do the same thing and just add in a dummy SKU that they use for all orders like this? (I'm assuming that if they aren't using a SKU on the marketplace they are selling that they aren't actually deducting the inventory from their SE inventory and that they are just making a shipping label.) If they are wanting to deduct the inventory used in the order then they really should be using SKUs, especially since the ShippingEasy system requires a SKU when creating an item.

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Hi Ten3, 

This is awesome feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to provide details and paint a clear image of the request. I definitely think you are on the right track with making the CSV fields for SKU/Item Name similar to how the Full Name/First, Last Name options function. 

Your assumption is correct!  The Product Catalog is also used by merchants who do not track inventory but would like to manage items details.

I have documented this request to our product team to review for consideration. It may be put on the roadmap for 2020, but I will be sure to update this post if I get further details. 



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