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Setting up on the free trial - it won't let me set up to my printer as a printer - only as a fax nor will it let me change printer settings. It appears that I have sent and printed 3 labels so far - and charged me - but no labels have printed


Hi Dee Dee,

Thank you for posting to our forum!

Looking at your account, I see a lot of printers in the drop down box.  I recommend making sure you have the correct printer name and computer name both selected:

Should you change the printer, please be sure to use the radio buttons to select what to print to that printer and then click the blue Save button as shown here:  Printer Configuration - Settings - Page | Guide

I will also note that I checked your print log and the prints did go through to ConnectEasy successfully.  Once the correct printer and computer combination is chosen on the Printer Configuration screen, it should work correctly.  Also, reprints from Shipment History are free.

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