USPS Retail Ground Tracking Included or Not?


Hoping someone can clarify the conflicting info on this page re: tracking for USPS Retail Ground shipments:

In the "Delivery Timeline" section, it states "This is not a guaranteed service; delivery may be delayed."

But in the "Service Overview" section below it, it states, "Delivery confirmation (tracking) is included for free on all domestic shipments."

I'm assuming "This is not a guaranteed service" = no tracking, but that of course conflicts with the other statement — so which is it? 



Hi Renee,

Thank you for posting to our forum!

USPS Parcel Select Ground shipments include tracking on domestic shipments.  This is also mentioned here:  What is USPS Delivery Confirmation?

The "This is not a guaranteed service" statement is referring to delivery time or the number of days for delivery.  Priority Mail Express guarantees delivery in a certain number of days but Parcel Select Ground does not.

Happy shipping!

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