Print 4-up labels.


I need the ability to change the location of the label for multiple orders. I am using the 4" x 5" USPS 4 up label, and when I test print the label it works fine (prints 4 up). When I use quick ship and try to print 1 order (label) at a time it does not give me the option to change the location of the label for the next print. So it seems you can only print on an 8.5 x 11 label and need to cut them by hand. It doesn't make sense. Om it actually asks us what template we are using. And allows us to print on all of the available labels. 


Hello Lee,

Thank you for contacting ShippingEasy. At this time being able to switch the placement of the 4 per page labels would be a feature request.

This feature has been mentioned once in the past in this post.

You can upvote that post or add additional details. Our feature requests are largely decided by the amount of interest from our merchants, the more interest a feature gets the more likely it is to enter development sooner!




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