Error when trying to add postage


I am trying to add postage to my account so I can print the labels.  I've tried three times and am getting a red box that says "customer error".  The banking info is correct.  On my dashboard, it shows three amounts under "postage purchases" but postage balance is unchanged.  I do NOT want all three of those purchases to go through! It never showed as processed so I kept trying.



Please do not be alarmed about the purchase amounts showing in Shippingeasy on the Dashboard. Those are going to show each attempt even if it was not successful. If your postage account was not updated then you will not be charged for those purchases.

Checking your account it looks like the cards in ShippingEasy and Stamps to not match. If you need to update the card being used for postage please make sure that you have checked the box to update the postage account in ShippingEasy.

Please pay special attention to steps 4 and 5 in this article.

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