Shipsurance - Option boxes


Optional check boxes that would be a saved preset per product for:

1- Adding shipping cost to shipsurance amount

2- Removing the $100 carrier insurance value from shipsurance amount


Hi Cory, 

Thank you for taking the time to post on our community forum. It sounds like you are wanting the data within the product to help automate insurance selections when processing an order. 

We have Shipping Rules that be used to apply specific ShipSurance actions based on the conditions on an order. This can be utilized in conjunction with Product Tags to:

  • Set shipment insurance based on Order Total
  • Set shipment insurance based on Specified Amount

FAQs: Shipping Rules

For shipments that come standard with insurance - like Priority Mail Express - insurance purchased from Shipsurance would be in addition to the standard amount. Learn more about how Shipsurance is calculated.

Many carrier services include limited insurance coverage, this is indicated as a NOTE on the Ready to Ship page. However, if you add additional insurance, ShippingEasy does not account for the included carrier insurance on the package. Instead, insurance will be purchased for the full "insure to value" requested.

The advantage to insuring for the full value is that you will not need to file the claim with two providers. You will only need to file with Shipsurance if anything were to happen to the package, ensuring that you will be reimbursed as quickly as possible. 





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