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Show items not linked to a Store or Marketplace?

Is there a way, currently, without clicking into each item one by one, to show which items are not listed to a particular marketplace or any marketplace at all?

Ecomdash did this well when I was with them. On your inventory page, it had a little icon for each of your linked stores. For example, I'd have two eBay stores, one Etsy, one Amazon. If an item was listed on one of the eBay stores and Amazon, you'd see the eBay icon and Amazon icon next to the item, and if you clicked on the icon you were taken to the marketplace listing.

If the item somehow was not listed to any marketplace at all (say a listing was removed or ended, or you took down your winter clothing in March and it's September now and you want to relist...), there was no icon at all there.

I hope that makes sense. As it is now, I do see how to run a report that lists all the items that are in a store, and which store they are in, but that doesn't tell me which aren't in stores at all. Or you have to click on every individual item and go to the stores tab -- if you have the marketing integration, I think, is the only time that works. That's really a pain to click through hundreds and hundreds of items, as you can imagine.

Any help with this is appreciated!


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Hi Jesse, 

Thanks for taking the time to post in our forum. We have a great report called Linked Stores by Product that will show you the following information. 

  • SKU
  • Master SKU
  • Name
  • Store
  • Store Type
  • Link Status

This can be accessed in the blue navigation bar under REPORTS. 

Hope this helps!

Bria B. [ShippingEasy]



I appreciate the help, but that wasn't what I was asking for. That shows only the products that are currently linked to a store. I need a report that shows the products that are *not* linked to a store. Or which stores each products isn't linked to.

jesse 0 votes

yes, we definitely need this.  Today I am creating list and taking hours to find items that are not set up in one of those services that should be.  For the items I have on Linnworks I have a report available.  But my objective is to eliminate Linnworks and keep Shipping Easy.

Randy Boadway 1 vote

Hi all, 

Thanks for the response. I will let our product team know about this request. 

In the meantime, the 'unlinked' products can be viewed once the report is downloaded. Remove the top 3 rows and then apply filters to the columns. Click on the filter option for 'Link Status,' which should be column F, then only select the option to show 'Unlinked.' 

Bria B. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

I appreciate you guys trying for a workaround. Unfortunately, this only showed one product that wasn't currently listed in a store, and I know for a fact there are tons that are not listed. This may be connected to another error that I contacted support about recently: items are shown to still link to stores even after the listing is ended/taken down/removed.

For example, SKU B1794 was removed from both eBay stores, but it's still showing the old links under the Stores tab.

So  the workaround won't give accurate info at all, sadly. I wanted to note those so that anyone else trying this wouldn't run into issues with inaccurate info!

jesse 0 votes

I looked at this report too.  It is not useful in determining where we have items set up but are not connected to shipping easy items.

We need a report that when a link check occurs, shipping easy reports back the items that are in a store that are not linked to a Shipping Easy item.

Linnworks has it if you need to see an example.

Randy Boadway 1 vote


Thanks so much for letting me know so quickly! I am passing this along to our product team for further consideration. If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post. Also, if we hear this request from other customers, we will be sure to direct them to share their feedback here as well!

Bria B. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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