Splitting orders with multiple items breaks communication with Shopify


When a single order from Shopify with multiple items in it is split within ShippingEasy (with Shipping Rules that split by SKU and by line item), it can no longer be edited from within Shopify the way any other order can be. 

When a customer service rep at our company receives a note from a customer immediately after the purchase to change the shipping address, and that rep changes it within the Shopify interface, it communicates that change to ShippingEasy only when the order wasn't split into multiple shipments. If it was an order with multiple items in it, which is automatically split into multiple shipments by my shipping rules, then there is no communication of the address change to ShippingEasy, so things get sent to incorrect addresses. 

It's important that all shipments from a single order can get updated together, from the master data location in Shopify. 

Thank you!

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