Shipping Rule for HS code per Destination


Different destination countries have specific codes based on the 6 digit HS code that are important to note on customs documents in order for them to classify them correctly for duties/taxes. So even though the 6 digit code is the same across destinations, specific countries add 2-4 digits on the end of that to create a full HTS code, since items within the same subheading (the 6 digit code) might have different duty rates when imported into that country. 

So it's important to be able to specify code per country. 

Can a Shipping Rule option be put in place to set the HS code according to Destination? And that would override the default HS code of the product and the product category (which would be the universal 6 digit one).

For example, the ideal shipping rule would look like this:

Destination Country -> Is equal to -> Canada
Product Category -> Is equal to -> The Nugget

Set HS code -> 9503009040


Any update on this? Thank you!


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Hi David, 

Thank you very much for your feedback! Customer feedback is incredibly helpful to us as a means of learning what could help our merchants, so we know which new features to build. This feature will be under consideration for prioritization.

If you know of any other sellers that would benefit from this feature, please ask them to comment or post here as well. If we hear this request from other customers, we will ask them to comment or follow here as well. 

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