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Enhanced Sort by Warehouse Bin

It would be very helpful if when sorting by Warehouse Bin for packing slips that both single item orders and orders with multiple items would sort together.

Currently, orders with a single item sort correctly by Bin. Items with multiple line items do not seem to have any sort logic and just print at the end of the print run with, seemingly, no sort method.

I would recommend sorting orders with multiple line items by the Bin within the order itself then when sorting them relative to other orders let the first Bin location dictate its sort. 

For example:

Order 1  -  Item B   Bin 3

Order 2 -  Item Z Bin 6

                Item B Bin 3

Order 3 - Item B Bin 3

               Item A Bin 1

In this example, the line items on Orders 2 & 3 would be sorted to print as follows:

Order 2 - Item B Bin 3

               item Z Bin 6

Order 3 - Item A Bin 1

               Item B Bin 2

Then when all 3 packing lists are printed and Sort By Bin is selected they would print as follows:

Order 3  (due to having its first Item (based on initial sort) in Bin 1)

Order 1 (due to it's item being Bin 3)

Order 2 (due to having its first Item (based on initial sort) in Bin 3)


This sort routine would make it much easy when printing many tickets. Otherwise, they need to be hand sorted for efficient picking.


Mason Young

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Hi Mason, 

We greatly appreciate your post to our feature request forum, your detailed explanation is very helpful! Active feedback like yours helps us to consider what future features to look into.  

We have logged your request and it will be under consideration for prioritization. If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post. Also if we hear this request from other customers, we will be sure to direct them to share their feedback here as well!

Bria B. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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